Daftar Harga AC Panasonic Murah Terbaru 2018

Friedrich Air Conditioner – Panasonic AC has been very popular with its affordable and economical power, but it also holds good quality so that each type of release is often liked. No wonder that at the end of its popularity continues to rise in the ground water. Because it can be the best love you want, just as you can cool the air for a long time. The brand that features ‘low watt’ it has issued a series of rows that can be selected with an easy match criteria.

There are single split series, cassette type, and still others. But for the most popular of the series it is a single split that you can taste the performance at home or in the office. Not only from the good shape, but also because it has been claimed to power power efficient to 65 percent, which is also satisfying to cool without old, or 35 percent faster. Various advantages have been grasped, as well as durable, and pass the SNI test. There is a carrying size from ¾ PK to 2.5 PK. While there are a series of models that are also in power increasingly faster again cool and apply inverter technology. It is important to note when choosing AC, from Panasonic brand itself will love not a few advantages, which is certainly the most important that electric power was digenggamya.

Furthermore, the claim that each type can love the air quality is really clean with the presence of nano-G technology which can paralyze the existing bacteria, and the power to purify the air and cripple Ninety-nine percent of fungi and bad virus that exist as in furniture. This system itself can operate even though the middle off. Then Alowa + with Nanoe-G is capable of being set by the remote. Then with the Econavi feature will be more favored because the power to power efficient through 2 steps, namely working on the detection of activities and rooms that no one. When the scanning of low activity in the room then this feature will automatically increase its temperature around 0.3 Celsius and through similar features when the activity in the room up will be reversed to its original position.

Daftar Harga AC Panasonic Murah Terbaru 2018

A series of easy-to-find types on the market, such as the Panasonic CS-PC12PKP that holds the best power is supported by its size, size x x Width x: 290 (511) x 870 (650) x 204 (230 mm) going without a long time to cool down. Once fitted and effective in place in a place that is not small, which will be more comfortable because no noisy. That way, it fits perfectly for those who need silence to be able to work better. Another type that reap positive reviews is Panasonic CS-KC9QKJ which comes with a pretty good shape and maximum performance. So there’s no question about cold cooling problems. Grasping the weight of Nine 9 kg is Just need about 660 watts of power. But with that much weight it needs more attention so as not to fall incident.

This type has been given high technology with so powerful to serve the maximum cold air. And among the rows of excess can be sounded when operating sound so that it will become more calm, and holding the feature to schedule the need for him, so in the matter pemakainnya would be more efficient again.

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  • AC Panasonic Alowa Environmentally Friendly

That AC Panasonic Alowa presented is an air conditioner with the concept of health-friendly, environmentally friendly and saving electricity. AC is claimed to create the quality of air cleanliness. Panasonic Alowa has a completeness of technology Nano-G. This technology can kill bacteria and microorganisms that are in the air. AC Alowa Panasonic is provided in 2 types of Standard Low Watt and Deluxe Low Watt. AC Type Alowa from the Deluxe Watt type using the Econavi and Nano-G systems. This type provides 3 options namely Type CS / CU-XC5PKJ with a capacity of 1/2 PK and 320 watts of power. Then, there are Type CS / CU-XC7PKJ with a capacity of 3/4 PK and 320 watt electricity. Last CS / CU-XC9PKJ with a capacity of one PK and need 660 Watt power.

  • Electricity that is Irresistible

AC Alowa with econavi type offers features to make efficient power consumption. There are 2 ways that are used first, to scan the empty space and scan the activities of people in the room. Sensor Alowa econavi is able to receive information whether or not the user activities in the air-conditioned room. If the activity is low or the room is empty, then the indoor temperature will only be raised as necessary. But if the room is full of people and activities are crowded, then the temperature can rise until the required cold temperatures are achieved.