Warna, Kelebihan & Harga Hp Apple Iphone 7 2019

Best Apps for Iphone – Apple iPhone 7 has touched the level of innovation and precision last, with its jet-black dressing and with its anti-splash and water cover. Where to make his Home menu that has received a completely redesign, as well as with a brand new unibody design in the flavor so smooth, so want to taste also so amazing in this part of his appearance. This series comes with 2 sizes which would be easy for some users to determine who fit the criteria, and with 5 colors.

This brand has been presenting iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which wrapped with a beautiful black and with a bandage of matte and black glossy glory so good. Each type of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches has been made of aluminum 7000 Series which after that will bear in matter of its strength. This type already exists also in different colors, silver, gold, and gold rose of our uniqueness which would want to some of the prospective users wear to take what is desirable. About the highest standards of the black color, which is constructed from aluminum ore spray, which makes this brand-new color mengganggam matte touch which is rich and deep which is obtained through a new design technique.

Through anodizing and polishing 9 steps so good, so produce a flat black and so intact, by then it may not be able to distinguish on the glass end with aluminum. This type already presents an amazing darkness. Beyond that he is also the prime who has redesigned casingnya for waterproof, so you also do not need to worry if the spill because it will be protected properly. Moment for his home is also a solid-state who perform well designed to be durable, manageable, and sensitive of any insistence. As another plus value that there is a Touch ID who already designed well and so fast, which will allow some users in protecting and unlocking it. This type has been given with the latest processor that Apple A10 Fusion which is guaranteed to love the ability of the better the better once again, ie 3x faster than the berprocessor who was in his predecessor and make his graphics perform better.

Warna, Kelebihan & Harga Hp Apple Iphone 7 2018

The screen itself has been given Retina HD and wide-gamut color ruling to raise its brightness to 25 percent with good color management, so the screen will be more shiny but good for the view. The existence of 4G LTE cat9 in this type the wearer will taste better performance, more quickly in the internet where this is certainly one of the most important needed, especially for young people who often need to always connect, this type grasp the speed for the most high is 450 Mbps.

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  • The Shuttle Kitchen Armed with the Latest Apple A10 Chipsets Running On iOS 10

During this time, Apple product line is known as one of the products that have the best performance. Therefore, the specification of Apple iPhone 7 will be equipped with the latest components in the kitchen space pacunya which of course will be ready to give performance class first. This time, Apple pinned the latest chipset on this Apple iPhone 7, the Apple A10 version chipset. The series of chipsets on Apple iPhone 7 will present a high-performance performance of typical high-class gadgets. So, whatever later types of processors that will be used by Apple will certainly deliver a very maximum performance. Although the type of processor for Apple iPhone 7 until now has not been announced, most likely Apple still use 64 bit processor technology. To support the optimization of work on kitchen space runway, Apple iPhone 7 ditandem with 2 GB of RAM. The presence of RAM capacity of 2 GB on the Apple iPhone 7 will help improve the ability of data and ensure the smooth running of all types of applications. Finally, the specs of iPhone 7 on the kitchen space runway will run on the latest operating system that iOS 10 which will certainly bring more sophisticated and interesting features.

  • Internal Memory Capacity Can Choose On Demand

Furthermore, we will also see how much storage capacity is provided in the iPhone 7 specification. Just like the previous iPhone series, this time Apple brings the Apple iPhone 7 into several internal memory variants which each have different internal memory capacity. Noted, Apple presents the iPhone 7 series into three choices of memory capacity, which is 16 GB, 64 GB, and also 128 GB. For the size of a smartphone, memory capacity on the Apple iPhone 7 is already very large. Memory capacity can be used to accommodate all sorts of applications, both requiring large and small capacity. In the sector of this memory, Apple iPhone 7 is equipped with a very large internal memory because it is not equipped with a microSD slot or external memory. This is actually also for the good of Apple iPhone 7 users because today many microSD cards are not compatible with the device on the iPhone. So, although the iPhone 7 specification in this memory is not equipped with a microSD slot, this will not be a problem because the internal memory slot has a large capacity.

  • Duet Camera 12 MP and 5 MP

For the aspect of photography, Apple iPhone 7 specs are equipped with a camera with the size and resolution are ready to produce quality photography. For this latest smart phone, Apple membekalinya with main camera measuring 12 MP. Among the iPhone family, the camera on the Apple iPhone 7 is indeed one that has the greatest resolution to have the same size with the generation of iPhone 6. This will certainly provide the maximum image quality shots. In addition to having a very good lens resolution, the rear camera on the Apple iPhone 7 is also equipped with some modern photography functions, such as Phase Detection, Autofocus, Dual LED Flash and also features Touch Focus. In addition, the main camera on the Apple iPhone 7 is also supported by the latest technology from Apple, which is Simultaneous 4K Video Recording technology. In addition to producing a good photo shots, the main camera on the Apple iPhone 7 can also be used to record video with the recording of 2160 pixels. To complete the line of photography on Apple iPhone 7, also pinned a 5 MP secondary camera. The size of the camera is small enough to output the current smart phone, but certainly the camera embedded in the specs of the iPhone 7 is able to compete with other gadgets in its class.

  • Complete Connectivity with GSM and CDMA Networks that support 4G LTE

For the next sector, will discuss an important part of the iPhone 7 specification, namely connectivity. Because without complete connectivity and sophisticated internet access, the smart phone is no different with old mobile phones. Just like the previous iPhone series, this new generation of Apple smartphone also has two versions that each have a different cellular technology. The first version of Apple iPhone 7 is GSM mobile network technology, while the second version uses CDMA network. Although the technology is different, but both versions of Apple iPhone 7 has a connectivity feature that is level, that is using 4G LTE data network technology. Although the iPhone 7 series has only single nano SIM card, but not why because of its network connectivity has depended on 4G LTE technology. With this latest network technology, your friends will be spoiled by the super smooth internet facility on Apple iPhone 7 with a minimum download speed of 150 Mbps.