Harga Hp Acer Terbaru Murah Lengkap 2018

Nokia RM1030 – Acer Hp can already be received easily because it is popular with many people by launching another quality electronic products that some people love it. has been there since long, that is standing in 1987 and always innovate in part, with long experience no wonder if until now always able to survive and compete for in seize the best place in the homeland market. When this brand also jumped in the world of smartphones so many years ago has made some people curious to try the brand that many people liked his laptop.

When marketing, in fact capable of penetrating into various classes, and certainly by equipping jeroannya on each model is proportional to the price. For example, in order to rule the middle to lower market by throwing a model that is alluring in terms of low bandrolnya but berspesifikasi pretty, by that he can also be quite liked people. Jejeran model for example is Liquid Zest Plus which is versus Anyar Liquid Zest that has been given refinement. It seems this brand has been so aggressive to make improvements because versus originalnya Anyar launched in February.

This brand-new version has been given to its powerful power to accompany you throughout the day, which is 5,000mAh, which is fun where an increasingly cool version of its predecessor does not necessarily make these devices highly appreciated, but in fact will be friendly in the pocket. The feature that is so prominent in this brand-new version of course is in the super big power, ie 5000mAh that it was transported. Not a few who think that the way through this Acer in order to confront the gadget products that hold another great power for example in Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo.

Harga Hp Acer Terbaru Murah Lengkap 2018

In fact, a test reveals that his or her age can continue to live for more than a day. It’s really a feature that is so helpful to the wearer of the gadget that is busy and the frequency of its use is so high. This device is operated using Marshmallow 6.0. The primary camera is 13 mega pixels along with LED flash and trifocus. In the secondary is 5 mega pixels ready to be your partner take selfie pictures. This tool holds a price that is so reasonable because when the glance that served a fairly and such a large power capacity that would make the wearer was more satisfied.

This brand-brand gadget is so affected by the PC’s familiarity with its laptop. Nevertheless, a brand that does not exist briefly in the gadget market homeland, Samsung and LG, seems so hard to surpass. The superior of this brand is in terms of its low price factor which is not low. By holding a budget of about a million course, you can pick up this brand of Android phones that berkonektivitas 3G. As quoted from the official page, a series of types such as Liquid E700 which sailed extra width and three SIM card slot, and with 3G. And Liquid Z410 coming with 4G LTE is affordable. Also like Liquid M330 is also good to consider because it is a phone that implements Windows 10. It is so charming with the low price that will make you satisfied to taste the low-quality premium quality apparatus.

Nokia RM1030 XL Dual Sim

  • Photography Line Rely on 8 MP Camera Duet

Furthermore, we arrived at the discussion of Acer Liquid Z530S specifications in the photography. This time, Acer also provides a better photography component. It aims to improve the ability of photography on this Acer Liquid Z530S. As the main camera, used an 8 MP camera capable of producing photo shots resolution 3264 x 2448 pixels. The camera located on the back was also equipped with features Autofocus and LED Flash. The existence of these two features will help improve the ability of this Acer Liquid Z530S photography. Modern photography features such as Geo-tagging, Touch Focus, Face Detection, Panorama and HDR also exist on this smartphone. In addition to producing a pretty good photo shots, the main camera on the Acer Liquid Z530S can also be used to record video with a good recording as well. As a complement specification Acer Liquid Z530S in the photography, Acer also put the front camera of the same size with its main camera, which is 8 MP. The existence of these secondary cameras can be friends Begawei use to take pictures selfie or make video call calls.

  • LTE 4G Data Network Delivers Fast Internet Access

Next we will look at the Acer Liquid Z530S specification capabilities in the connectivity section. As an upscale mobile phone, this smartphone comes with the best capabilities in the connectivity sector. This smartphone features 4G LTE data network technology as its main connection option. With advanced capabilities brought by LTE technology, Acer Liquid Z530S is capable of running downloads at speeds up to 150 Mbps. Meanwhile, the upload speed runs up to 50 Mbps. In addition, areas that have not been touched 4G connections will terback-up with existing 3G connections on this smartphone. Acer Liquid Z530S also provides WiFi technology that makes Begawei friends can still connect to the internet without using data packets. As for the purposes of close connection, this smartphone is also equipped with Bluetooth features and also microUSB slot and USB On-The-Go. Navigation requirements were also met by the Acer Liquid Z530S specification. If friends Begawei want to travel, can take advantage of navigation technology A-GPS is already on this smartphone.

  • Power Supply with Battery Support 2,420 mAh

Battery components are certainly very important because the battery acts as a power supplier of a smartphone. Well, in this last segment we will discuss the specification Acer Liquid Z530S in the power supply space. On this one, it seems Acer realized that the latest smartphone does have hardware components that need a large enough power supply. For that, Acer Liquid Z530S also equipped with sufficient capacity battery. Noted, Acer embed the battery with a capacity of 2420 mAh on this new phone. With a capacity of 2,420 mAh, the Acer Liquid Z530S will survive for a full day, if used normally. But if Begawei friends are highly mobile gadget users, we recommend that always carry a backup power supplier or power bank although the Acer Liquid Z530S specification is equipped with adequate battery capacity.