Harga Hp Evercoss Terbaru Murah Lengkap 2019

Evercoss A7S – Hp Evercoss is one among those who deliver their excellent skills in each class with varying prices. This opportunity will be presented its latest price of this brand for you who may be now hunting one from him. There is a row of types served by this brand until you want to make it easy to pick up from the shop that fits what is required. However, the time to pick him from the store, to be able to achieve satisfactory purchases it’s good to deepen the true type that it is not just from the design of the slick.

At this time would be presented a row of types who exist in this Evercross and end with the latest price. Type A80A Elevate Y2 is one of the rows that are shown this brand replaces the attention of the time that the price is quite low and of course carrying processor that has Octa-core, some users can taste a terrible speed at the time of operation. Not only that which would like to glance at the monitor is quite large premises when able to feel comfortable when playing video and played by hand.

Evercoss also has invested in it 1 GB RAM memory that is perceived to optimize its performance when turn on applications and systems running on the jeroannya. There Pun in menej graphic, this type was in love Mali-450MP GPU that is perceived to show a good picture. Glance at the facet of the camera is also good which for the secondary itself is 13 MP which has been given also LED Flash. That way he is suitable for you who are hunting a good phone with a fairly low price. While for the secondary itself is 5 Megapixels which is considered to be a pretty good serve when doing selfie.

Harga Hp Evercoss Terbaru Murah Lengkap 2018

To put a row of data that has been targeted with this type of camera, Evercoss has also instilled a memory in the amount of 16 GB, large enough can also be microSD up to 32 GB if still less. It’s not strange anymore that this brand is often released the type of cheap cheap given good offal, RAM is fit. Not a little less than 1 millions of 512MB of RAM and 1GB, but in order to love the community will HP.

The company loves the best option through the Winner Y Ultra type which has 2GB of RAM and the price does not touch a million. It is a good move, of course, to attract the hearts of low-performing benderol lovers who, when compared with other brands would be far away. Because usually for the ram that size so much, it will be bandrol above 1 million.

There is a row of types that you can find from Everros this one which could be one of them match the one you want. For that we will serve the price of the latest line type to allow you to make the right budget. But it is necessary to note also there could be inequality in the price served by the seller, although it will not be much different. You can also find a row of types of this famous brand in the nearest hp store or in the online store.

Evercoss A7S Specs

  • Photography Line Rely on Front and Back 8 MP Camera

Specifications Evercoss Winner Y Star is not yet sophisticated but this does not necessarily make Evercoss also random in using various components, not least in the line of photography because this sector is equipped with two cameras that have good enough quality. On the back of Evercoss Winner Y Star embedded 8 MP resolution camera complete with autofocus and LED flash features so that images produced through this camera look clear and sharp. Evercoss also provides additional features such as geo-tagging, touch focus, and face detection to further optimize the photography activities brought Evercoss Winner Y Star. In addition, the main camera can produce a video of 720p @ 30fps. While on the front side, there is a camera with the same resolution of 8 MP that has been supported with LED flash so that the Evercoss Winner Y Star specification will indeed be very supportive photo selfie clear and video calls.

  • Modern Connectivity Supported 4G LTE Network Access

Now we will discuss the Evercoss Winner Y Star specs in the connectivity section. This phone can be said already has a fairly complete connectivity features ranging from dual SIM feature that can be activated simultaneously to support 4G LTE network access that allows download activity on Evercoss Winner Y Star done at 150 Mbps and upload speeds at 50 Mbps. GSM and HSPA network access is still maintained as an alternative network. Evercoss also offers free internet connection via Wi-Fi 802.11 feature, WiFi direct, and hotspot which is also pinned on Evercoss Winner Y Star. Meanwhile, for data exchange activities, you can take advantage of Bluetooth 4.0 features with A2DP and microUSB 2.0. Finally, the connectivity is also equipped with A-GPS which although standard but mapping the location on the Evercoss Winner Y Star specification will be able to run well.

  • Power Supply Supplied 2,450 mAh

Well, we’ll finally come to the closing part of this segment that will discuss the Evercoss Winner Y Star specification on its power supply sector. If you look at the components that exist in the specifications, it can be said if the power requirements of this smartphone is not too large. So the Lithium Ion battery type with a capacity of 2,450 mAh used Evercoss as an Evercoss Winner Y Star power supplier is indeed quite adequate. Although this battery can support the life of the device in a long time for standard use, it would be better if you provide backup power supply for Evercoss Winner Y Star is like a powerbank to anticipate the exhaustion of power while being operated with a frequency long enough. Although actually if my friend uses it with the standard, of course the power supply on the battery from the Evercoss Winner Y Star specifications will be quite durable.