Harga Hp HTC Murah Terbaru Lengkap 2019

5G Network Speed – HTC Hp, which is also often anticipated by some lover in the country. Not just result Just get a good review that if he could already have a good quality on the line typenya ladder that transport the latest technology, but also from the existing price that allows users to choose a candidate who fits the desired dimaunya. Not surprisingly, when there are from each of the typenya that time was launched soon be sold out With just a matter of minutes.

Each type of HTC has a handful of sophistication that is often in the chat, for example in the Nexus series and HTC One, which at that time for the sale alone already translucent 47, 5 billion Taiwan dollars in the fourth quarter in 2014. It is certainly a testament when this brand worthy to be glimpsed too, because not a few people who love it which he has made him also more favored by many people. As if already understand about what some buyers want, this brand shows 2 series of ago that many in talk.

Where the first is Desire who has grasped good performance that can be reached in the middle to lower. There’s not much to choose for this series alone, for those of you who are hunting a good enough with a budget of less than 1.5 millions could have glanced at this brand and compare it with other brands to achieve the most suitable. This series of Desire series example is the type of Desire 300 which rely on the Music Channel and continue to update bersosial media. And there are others that can also be considered, for example is the type of Desire 816 dual sim that has mengganggam camera 13 MP and 5 MP that could be his weapon to be loved by the likes take pictures.

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Soon also holds for a premium class through HTC One, whose price must have been commensurate with the luxury it served and its performance was very cool. For the newest type is also transport 4G LTE network. An example is the One M9 plus type that comes with a premium that can compete as well as its class so that you who hold a budget more this type can be included in the list of the best options with others. With an Octa-Core processor and 20 MP in its primary camera it must have been really cool as well as for HTC ultrapixel rear.

In addition, HTC also has a mobile phone windows that there are a series of lyrics can be in the middle of hunting, but do not forget also if you want to achieve a lot of satisfaction to see reviews from the users, or have understood will be taken. Examples are Phone 8X and Phone 8S. Where for the first it exists with 4G versions and 4G LTE that touch 4.3-inch touch screen accompanied Gorilla Glass 2. While the second has come with a cheerful color dressing and support octa-core processor. When you are now hunting down one of these types HTC will be assisted by presenting the latest prices in order to hold a budget that fits. Which for each item that can be found in mobile phone shops around or can easily be found also in online stores that generally hold this type of row.

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  • Elegant Design with Super LCD Display Technology

At the beginning of this discussion, will start by reviewing on the view side of the HTC Desire 830 specification. Outside sector seems to be the side that gets enough attention from HTC. The reason, on the exterior sector of the smartphone made by HTC is displaying an impression that is so interesting. It starts to look at the size dimensions are quite attractive. Its dimensions are 157.5 mm in length, 78.9 mm in width, and 7.8 mm in thickness which makes the HTC Desire 830 is perfect for those of you who love a large smartphone. In addition, on the screen carrying the screen area of 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels that have a density of up to 401 ppi certainly will no doubt provide an interesting and amazing display and facilitate users in operating the HTC Desire 830 is. Moreover, by carrying the screen technology Super LCD capacitive touchscreen 16 million colors, will certainly give the impression of a more exclusive visualization and impressed premium. However, unfortunately the HTC Desire 830 specification has not been armed with screen protection so users have to install their own screen protection manually.

  • Kitchen Sector Spurs Rely on Mediatek MT6753 Chipset and 3 GB RAM

Stepping on the next discussion, this time will discuss the kitchen sector runway of the HTC Desire 830 specification. Looking back that HTC Desire 830 is going to target the middle class segment, of course HTC is also not arbitrary in arming this latest smartphone, especially in the kitchen sector runway. First off the chipset. HTC Desire 830 is relying on Mediatek MT 6735 chipset that will collaborate with processor or CPU Octa Core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A53 which will support the operational performance of the HTC Desire 830 is more optimal. In fact, the performance of these two great components are also still supported with 3 GB of RAM that will provide maximum performance and responsiveness, especially for multitasking activity. Not only that, in order to maximize the graphic display, the HTC Desire 830 is armed with a graphics card (GPU) Mali-T720MP3 which will provide graphics visuals that are more real, attractive and pamper the eyes of the users, especially will greatly support the game and to watch the video. In addition, the HTC Desire 830 specification is also equipped with the latest operating system Android OS v6.0 Marshmallow.

  • Equipped with Extensive Internal Storage Space and External Storage Slot

Furthermore, in this session we will review the storage space sectors dibawadalam HTC Desire 830 specifications. As a smartphone that focuses on middle-class market target, certainly Taiwanese vendors are also going to equip this new smartphone with the appropriate storage space with the needs. This is done by the HTC HTC Desire 830 is equipped with internal storage space with a capacity of 32 GB. With the capacity of internal storage space is quite broad it will be very supportive and help users in storing files that are large. In fact, the HTC Desire 830 is also equipped with an external storage slot that can be installed with a micro SD maximum limit capacity up to 128 GB. Apparently, users really need not worry if the storage space is full. From it, it can be concluded that the storage space sector is one of the mainstay of the HTC Desire 830 specification to attract consumers.