Harga Hp Huawei Android Terbaru Murah Lengkap 2018

Honor All Phone – A series of Hp Huawei often managed to slide in the market, make his name is also much in the know. So it is not surprising that not a few who like. A series of types are treated one of them is Honor 3C as an affordable version of Honor 3C, although for the price side Honor 3C also can be said pretty affordable than the Ascend G6 at that time. Interestingly once again what he brought not far unlike Honor 3C, the goal from the side of the monitor, camera to the same processor expertise.

Honor 3C Play also monitors 5.0 inchi which makes the resolution HD 1280 × 720 pixels, 294 ppi and apply the IPS style. On the hardware side is also the same, and cameranya also so, 8 MP complete there is also autofocus, HDR, LED Flash and secondary which the magnitude is 2 MP. One thing is the difference that is so striking on Huawei Honor 3C Play and Honor 3C is the design. It is increasingly increasing the competitors who came to compete in the market of HP android. Just as Huawei continues to show off that they too must be taken into account.

As is the case with the release of Huawei Ascend G6 which for spec very exactly the same with Andromax i3 and i3s, but gripping capabilities that are not less great with others. Even Huawei Ascend G6 holds another advantage. Among them is a secondary camera that the size of 5 MP, certainly more fitting for once only selfie. But unfortunately the screen is smaller measuring 4.5 inches with a resolution of just qHD 960 × 540 pixels, 245 ppi and apply the type of IPS. In the hardware sector berpambkan Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 200 Quad-Core 1.2 Ghz is accompanied by GPU Adreno 302 and RAM one GB. Primer camera is even more powerful that is equal to 8 MP which is complete autofocus feature and LED Flash.

Harga Hp Huawei Android Terbaru Murah Lengkap 2018

For those of you who are looking for the price earlier then here we will love for you to be referenced. Because certainly not going to be so different from the one in the HP store around you, it could even be cheaper a little. Or you can find Huawei’s line type in the online store. But in order to be able to reach goods that fit in accordance with the criteria of the search must be not only for reasons of the side looks cool, but you must further to understand exactly what it offers. Also it is good when listening also reviews from the users let you will avoid the disappointment for bagging goods that do not fit your needs. Well just the following is the price table Hp Huawei which of course we will continue to update for you to know the taranyarnya. Therefore keep in mind the latest information as well.

Honor All Phone Price List

  • Visual Sharpen Thanks to IPS 5 Inch Screen

We start the discussion of Huawei Honor 4C specifications by looking at the physical appearance first. Actually, this smart phone is the first version of a total of three versions of Honor 4C. From the outside look, though a little looks stiff because of its “market” shape, but Huawei Honor 4C this time remains eye-catching because it has 4 corner classic curvature that emits an aura of luxury. This smartphone has a size of 143.3 mm x 71.9 mm x 8.8 mm with a weight of about 162 grams. With the size and weight, Huawei Honor 4C will feel very comfortable in the hand. Visualisai phone is also very sharp because it has a stretch of 5-inch screen, with the type of screen is IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen. LCD screen has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels with a density of 294 ppi density. In addition, the screen on Huawei Honor 4C also has a color diversity of up to 16 M. With a combination of high technology on the screen, this smart phone capable of presenting sharp images and close to the original color of the object. To simplify its operations, Huawei also embed Emotion 3.0 UI technology as a User Interface. But unfortunately, because only middle-class smartphone down, Huawei Honor 4C specifications are not equipped with first-class screen protection. So, you need to add screen guard manually on this smart phone.

  • Tough Spur kitchen with 2 Gb of RAM Support

Go to Huawei Honor 4C specifications in the kitchen sector runway, we will find the components of the middle class machine on this phone. Although only a series of middle-class machines, but the kitchen runway smartphone is still able to produce reliable performance. Huawei Honor 4C engine is fronted by eight-core processor or commonly called octa-core technology. The octa-core processor on this gadget has clock speed reaching 1.2 GHz. Then, for the chipset, this smartphone uses Kirin 620 chipset blended HiSilicon. The chipset on Huawei Honor 4C is the same as the chipset used on the Huawei P8 Series. The combination of processor and chipset is also supported by 2 GB of RAM. Large RAM capacity is a guarantee this smartphone is capable of running multijari command smoothly. For the graphics sector, unfortunately Huawei has not published the type of GPU embedded in this new smartphone variants. However, the good news, although the graphics card has not been revealed, one thing that is certain is the Huawei Honor 4C specifications on the kitchen sector runway will be “diotaki” by the Android OS KitKat. Although not the latest OS, but the performance of Google’s concoction operating system is unquestionable quality.

  • Extra Convenient Storage with 8 GB Internal Memory

Next, we will look at Huawei Honor 4C specifications in its storage sector. Although a middle-class smart phone, but the smartphone is still equipped with a very loose internal memory capacity. To meet the needs of users of modern gadgets, Huawei Honor 4C equipped with 8 GB of internal memory capacity. Internal memory capacity of that size is more than enough to accommodate fiile-file or large data. Comrades can store audio video files, app files, or other important data. However, if you feel internal memory on Huawei Honor 4C is not enough for your storage needs, this smart phone is also equipped with a microSD slot to increase its memory capacity. By adding external memory card, you can increase Huawei Honor 4C’s specification capacity in the storage sector up to 32 GB.