Harga Hp Lenovo Terbaru Murah Lengkap 2018

Lenovo T Series – Can not be denied again that China’s electronics manufacturers, such as Hp Lenovo like a virus that quickly spread to many countries even also sold well in the country. The fever of a smartphone that is being perceived by people is one of the opportunities that is not missed by this brand by marketing its types of lines that can compete with the varied prices that are all affordable. That is one of the reasons why the brand is reacting positively and this time is still not a few gadget fans who are hunting him. Therefore we will present the latest price line type so you can present the right cost.

This brand itself previously pushed for dealing in the world of smartphones with other popular brands, also been popular by presenting other kinds of electronics that also have been received positive by people because good quality, that is marketing the computer, especially the laptop is not a few interest him. But due to the purchasing power of smart mobile phones when it rose sharply so this brand also does not want to lose for looking for profit by merpelihatkan jordan android which actually hold good quality.

Therefore to be one that counts primarily because previously have proven themselves with the release of a good laptop, it is not so difficult to be accepted by consumers of each type of gadget that it launches. Through the latest technology embedded in each type of Lenovo along with a row of good features is among the reasons to be purchased. And for the price also varied when it started from the 8 hundred thousand to 7 millions available for every person who was looking for a gadget item that after the criteria without having to move to other brands.

Harga Hp Lenovo Terbaru Murah Lengkap 2018

As for the series of this brand is the existing VIBE Series with a luxurious design. Which he was immersed powered processors, as well as a row of applications of choice. For example the VIBE Shoot that comes carrying the camera function is reliable. Then there is the S Series that comes with a beautiful design and enriched its features. Which he is carrying a row of entertainment apps with long battery life.

Then there is the A Series that comes with affordable appreciated and easy to use by beginners and given dual-sim, and a row of applications that are liked. While the P Series did not want to lose the power of the battery that has been claimed, and fit for professionals. Circled IPS, and other things that allow users to connect at any time. At this time will be summarized the price so that you can love the right reference for you when buying one of which which until now also row type of this brand is still easy to find in the online store. You will achieve here the price is varied which of course what is served is commensurate with bandrolnya. Kian good jeroannya then the price is high and vice versa.

Lenovo T Series Thinkapd

  • Stylish, Elegant and Comfortable Design

Well for reviews this time want to discuss Lenovo P70 specifications on the design side first. When viewed, this smartphone has a characteristic design that gives the impression of stylish and elegant. Having a dimension of 142 x 71.8 x 8.9 mm with a weight of 149 grams it feels a bit big but still relatively comfortable to hold and use at any time. On the screen sector, Lenovo P70 pinned screen measuring 5.0 inches with a screen type IPS LCD CapacitiveTouchscreen 16 Million colored color that beresolusi 720 x 1280 pixels have a screen density of 294 ppi will provide a fairly comfortable graphical interface though not too maximal. The multitouch capability capable of detecting 5 finger touches on the Lenovo P70 screen will provide benefits when users run certain apps or games that require more than one touch. but unfortunately, the Lenovo P70 specification has not been pinned on screen protection features such as Gorilla Glass, so users must install additional screen protection to avoid the risk of unwanted scratches.

  • The Steam Kitchen is Steady and Reliable

It seems Lenovo is paying attention to the current hardware requirements, proven in the kitchen sector runway of the Lenovo P70 specification that has a solid specification and tough. Although the specifications are still under Lenovo P90 but will still provide a formidable performance. That’s because Lenovo P70 specification is equipped with Octa Cortex A-53 processor speed 1.7 Ghz with Mediatex chipset MT6752 will certainly provide a stable and responsive performance process. Moreover, combined with 2GB of RAM, Lenovo P70 can run applications well and able to do ‘Multitask’ well. Although still equipped with Android system KitKat v 4.4.x, this smartphone looks capable of processing the embedded hardware was smoothly. For business graphics will have a capability that is also steady because it has been equipped with Mali-T760MP2 which has dual-core GPU 700 Mhz speed. So with the graphics card will make Lenovo P70 is quite easy to bulldoze the latest HD games today.

  • Dual Memory Spoil

Other advantages besides found in the kitchen sector runway from the Lenovo P70 specification is also found in storage space. Unlike Lenovo P90 which has a memory singlet then this Lenovo smart phone offers 2 types of internal and external memory. In the internal storage space Lenovo P70 with a capacity of 16 GB will certainly make the user to freely install various applications and games without fear running out of this internal memory space. Although the user can store personal files to this internal memory but it is better for users to save the file to the external memory slot that has been provided. With external memory capacity on Lenovo P70 specifications that can be expanded up to 32 GB would be very pamper the user in storing their various files be it audio, video, photos and so forth.