Harga Hp LG Murah Terbaru Lengkap Murah 2018

LG Us – The latest LG Hp brand that is certainly familiar to the average ears of the people of Indonesia, which will also soon be able to say if they are producers of a series of electronic products. Like TV, air conditioning is also up to mobile phone. They have tried to maintain its existence by always maximizing the sophisticated new product changes. Brand manufacturers based in the country ginseng is already able to penetrate into the international market.

also has entered into Indonesia and well received by people who are no different karna product quality product. This can be proved by the presence of many of their goods that are in the residence of the house. LG brands that are familiar in the ears of people for exception to make appliance also also contains smart mobile phone. LG has launched a series of smart phones in various variants to attract more customers. And the goods will be easy to obtain because it has been there generally in the mobile phone store store at your place or can look for it on the site online, further there is also in large supermarkets in the country such as Carrefour. In addition mobile phone was also in the price with affordable market size in Indonesia.

In addition to easy to find, they also held customer service and held a service center in several areas in the country. Meanwhile, they always boost sales of mobile phone line by launching various kinds of newest products, such as for LG G4 which is cool can snatch sales up to twelve million units for global scale. LG G4 is targeting to meet the needs of the upper and middle market. It can be known from a line of superior technology provided to him. it uses a powerful Octa Core processor combined with 4 GB of RAM. So you will be furthest away from a machine that moves like a slug. The presence of Dolby Mobile in it would make the audio quality to be so good. While the onboard storage that was brought is also not kidding cause up to 64 GB which can be spelled so big for a smartphone.

Harga Hp LG Murah Terbaru Lengkap Murah 2018

LG Us Fortune Price and Specifications

  • 5.0-inch phone with Simple Anti-Slip Design

As usual, this time will also introduce the specifications of LG Fortune starting from its physical appearance. In terms of design LG is making this new device is quite different from cheap smartphones in general. Although carrying a simple design, but still looks elegant look with the back of a textured that is not slippery when used and easier to operate. The body of LG Fortune itself is still made of plastic material available in brown only. For dimensions, the phone comes with a length of 144.78 mm, 72.4 mm wide, and 7.9 mm thick. As for its own weight is 135 grams. For visual affairs, LG Fortune brings IPS LCD screen capacitive touchscreen area of 5 inches with a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. Although the resolution is still lacking, but the screen size is good enough to display a wide range of content. The screen is also reportedly also been more secure thanks to scratch resistant glass protection that pinned on the LG Fortune specification.

  • Kitchen Spur Rely on Quad-core Processor 1.3 GHz

After discussing the exterior, now is the time we will discuss the specifications of LG Fortune in part jeroannya. Kitchen sector runway on this handset was still equipped with standard components. LG was entrusted to the data processing brain to the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 210. Inside the chipset from LG Fortune there is a four-core processor with a speed of 1.3 GHz so that the resulting performance is good enough. It’s just a little unfortunate because the RAM support provided only a capacity of 1 GB so that multitasking activities will be less so smoothly. For its own graphics processing, LG Fortune rely on Adreno 304 GPU that supports the display of simple games as well as multimedia standards. Finally, the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system that performs lighter and rich in new features will run all the components contained within the LG Fortune specification.

  • Storage Provide 16 GB Expandable Internal Memory

From the kitchen part of the pacunya, now we will continue to see what the widest area of storage owned by LG Fortune specifications. Just like the previous sector, storage space was equipped with components that are still standard but already able to perform its functions quite well. To meet the needs of data stores users, LG equip this latest device with 16 MP of internal memory. Although the internal memory capacity of LG Fortune is quite adequate to cover the file system and personal files users. This capacity is certainly not large if used to store large files. However, LG seems to have anticipated this through an external memory slot pinned on LG Fortune so that its storage space can still be expanded with the addition of microSD capacity is not yet known. So to say, the storage space sector is one that will be the main attraction of this LG Fortune specification.

  • Photography Line Presents a 5 MP Selfie Camera

Next, we will review the sector that became one of the advantages of this LG Fortune specification. Although the price is cheap but LG tries to attract customers by presenting a camera duet that resolusinya same both in the front and rear sector. On the back, pinned the main camera 5 MP resolution, although the quality of the shots of photos from the LG Fortune camera is still standard but already equipped with LED flash so as to maximize the lighting when shooting. The main camera is also capable of producing 720p @ 30fps video. LG also complements this LG Fortune with features supporting other cameras such as autofocus, HDR, and panorama. As for the front sector, there is a resolution camera is good enough for beginner class that is 5 MP so that would be quite interesting for selfie activity and video call. Although the resolution is still far less when compared with premium phones, but the camera is pinned on the LG Fortune specification is enough to support the activities of its users.