Harga Hp Nexian Android Murah Terbaru Lengkap 2018

Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic – Hp Nexian is a famous brand that one year more then rampant glory by some people with the newest hp system. The circulation of some global vendors in the country does not shrink the will and capability is best for always launching jejeran type mobile phone type, and tablet. The further this brand has also been awarded the title of The Most Favorite Local Brand, as well as a row of other awards and this is in fact a proof if this brand is one of the many sought and loved by people in the country.

Quality Nexian no doubt back to be one among local smartphone manufacturers with product models that have been dkeluarkannya so many and varied until now. Even the news is now the number of Nexian mobile phone users in all indonesai have reached up to 7 million more people. Nexian quality can also be diliht when many competitors who come keindonesia to this day, but because the toughness of product quality setya Nexian still able to survive until now.

And each year of course a variety of smartphone manufacturers also remove new flagship product, just as the subject is also implemented by Nexian company by removing a variety of mobile phone products as well as the latest smartphone with the quality and specification more up to date again. In line with the rapid changes in Android technology, Nexian also increasingly show off in producing a variety of products that one of them by popularizing Android One through its product Nexian Journey One which makes him increasingly unfamiliar in Indonesia. This brand achieves sales that are so fun on one typenya, namely on Journey One. Where this type is a developed Google that makes the price low.

Harga Hp Nexian Android Murah Terbaru Lengkap 2018

The advantages of this Nexian Smartphone is not only cheap mobile phone Nexian Android also found on the reliability of nexian smartphone is quite good, and supported with adequate specifications qualified. Beyond that latest Nexian Android phone has also been given support various popular applications such as fuel that semaikn many wearers. So like a smartphone that is now a trend, the smartphone camera. Nexian also has a lot to make Nexian Android phone with high resolution camera, for example Nexian Adagio Mi530 which is equipped with 5 MP camera is high enough and also there is Nexian Journey One which also use camera 5 MP. As well as for sure everything Nexian Android Phone Prices on offer at affordable prices by all groups.

Nexian Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic

  • 480 x 854 pixels Resolution Display Without Scratch Protection

Talk about Androin One project ala Google in Indonesia, means we can not get away with two Android One phones that come from different vendors. They are Mito Impact and Evercoss One X. Comparing the design on Nexian Journey Android One specification with two colleagues from different vendors, it will be quite difficult to get the difference. Because all three do have almost the same physical form. Moreover, Nexian Journey and Evercoss One X. The shape is very similar. The only difference is the color variations, where Nexian Journey Android One has a choice of bright colors cheerful, namely white and red. While Evercoss One X has no such variants. The technology that accompanies the physical design is the same. In Plane Switching or IPS Screen becomes the mainstay of Nexian Journey Android One to form a sturdy screen and resistant to impact. Even among the other display panels, the IPS screen is claimed to be the strongest. Meanwhile, the screen size is only 4.5 inches, a distinct advantage because it produces a physical appearance that is not over alias is not too wide. The dimensions formed on this handset are 132 mm x 67 mm x 8.9 mm and make this device to be comfortable in grip. Besides bringing a powerful screen, Nexian Journey Android One also offers amazing visuals. IPS panel that he brought has a resolution FWVGA or equivalent to 480 x 854 pixels. Supporting a range of colors reaching 16M certainly also makes the visual comes with a comfortable view to be captured by your sense of sight. The screen on Nexian Journey Android One specification is also capable of multi-finger detection, because the type as capacitive touchscreen would bring multitouch capabilities. Meanwhile, to protect the screen that produces a steady visual, you can take advantage of the screen guard that many on the market. This is because Nexian does not present anti-scratch protection for the screen.

  • Better Machine Performance with Sweet Lollipop Support

Maybe you can not pay much attention to the physical appearance when choosing a gadget. But the specification of the engine, it must be something that can not be ignored. Obviously, because every user would not want gadgets keog because the engine does not produce a qualified power. For a matter of machines on the kitchen pacunya, Nexian Journey Android One specification rely on various components are quite good. Four core or quad core processor using Mediatek chipset, the MTK6582 comes with clock speed of 1.3 GHz. Power generated by Nexian Journey Android One is quite good, let alone assisted also with the presence of RAM capacity of 1 GB. Capacity is quite large, so when friends do multitasking, will run smoothly as well. RAM with a capable capacity will also greatly affect the performance of graphics, such as to run gaming. But unfortunately, there is no valid information about the graphics card or GPU on Nexian Journey Android One specification is. So that can not be detected also how smooth the graphics run. But clearly, the machines on the Nexian Journey also helped its performance by the Android operating system Lollipop in it. The OS certainly gives a lot of options features that are much more interesting than the previous version. In addition, Lollipop also promises better engine performance, so Nexian Journey Android One will run without a lag berrati.