Harga Hp Smartfren Android Terbaru Murah Lengkap 2019

Smartphone Smartfren 4G – Hp Smartfren is the most powerful CDMA mobile internet provider in the country. Through which type of row in which the bandle pass or SIM card has made this brand can dominate the sales market android CDMA. In this opportunity discussion will be given related to its most recent price which can be used in reference for you who are looking for it. As the middle of monopolizing the market android cell phones through CDMA in the country, this brand is upright standing with the inequality that presented.

Therefore, it is not surprising if the brand is often melaunching type of newest type every year. Until now has not a little there and with no difficulty found in the lined HP store in your location. The farther, in terms of bandrol it can also be called quite affordable, so it is not surprising also if not a little who meminatinya. Not Just because the reason he sold well, but also because it presents a good quality that must be no mistake to try.

Good quality and signal stability throughout the place, in addition to low-priced certainly not a few people who would think that it would not hurt to try it. A series of types of Smartfren will make the consumer more easily to find a mate, the goods in accordance with the desired. To find it you do not have to bother to stand from the seat at this time because it can easily be found in the online store. You just open the internet on the connected device there. In order to erode the loss because it has been transporting the wrong goods from his shop, it would not hurt to see reviews from the users first so you are more recognize it.

Harga Hp Smartfren Android Terbaru Murah Lengkap 2018

Certainly there are inequalities associated with the price that is presented in this subject and that is in other places, although it certainly would not be far if that is served is the latest update. This brand also launched a row of tablets that will in fact make you do not have to move to another because it has been widely available. As we can review a little is Andromax C2. In the unpleasantness may be on the screen that was transported only ordinary or not support IPS screen or LCD. In addition, there is no secondary camera with so you do not have to want a video call. In addition there is no LED Flash feature which will certainly be desired by you at night, the quality that has been made rada less clear or less good.

Meanwhile, for his RAM is given only 512 MB. With limited RAM you can not love your row of good applications that you want and the application will be limited. But there are many other options which may be going to enter the criteria of the brand that often presents a good product and its cheap price. Immediately this is a linked table whose price you can read as a reference.

The Best Smartphone Android 4G

  • Small Design but Stay Stylish

We start reviewing the specifications of Smartfren Andromax This ice from the outside first. From the outside, body shape Andromax This ice is quite small, smaller than the variants Andromax R and also Q. With its dimensions are quite small, Smartfren Andromax Ice will feel fit in the grip of the wearer. In addition to petite, outer look Andromax Ice is also quite stylish because it has a physical navigation buttons are shaped unique and ‘eye catching’. In addition to the smaller physical form among the variants Andromax 4G Series, the screen on the Smartfren Andromax Ice also has a smaller size. Smartfren pinned 4-inch TFT LCD screen on this smartphone. The screen has a WVGA resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Because the resolution is quite small, so do not expect to get a sharp visual appearance from this Ice Andromax Smartfren. However, the visual appearance of Andromax Ice is helped by its density of 233 ppi density. One of the other advantages in the Andromax Ice specification in the display sector is the use of the AGC Dragontrail Glass protection that is also used in the Andromax R and Q series.

  • Standard Shuttle Kitchen with Snapdragon 410 Quad-core 1.2 Ghz CPU

Now we will discuss the specifications of Smartfren Andromax Ice in the kitchen sector pacunya. As a middle-class smartphone down, it turns out that this new Smartfren product has a fairly high quality engine components, though not as tough as his brothers. In its CPU, Smartfren Andromax Es brings 1.2-g quad-core processor duets and Snapdragon 410 chipsets. The combination of machine components on the Smartfren CPU Andromax Ice is powered by the presence of 1 GB RAM. Meanwhile, to support the graphical display, Smartfren still use the same GPU with Andromax Q variant, the Andreno 306 GPU. So, Smartfren Andromax This ice is still able to run simple games. As the ‘brain’ that will adjust the performance of the engine on the specifications of Smartfren Andromax Ice in the kitchen runway, Smartfren pinned Android OS v.5 Lollipop on this new product.

  • 8 GB Internal Memory That Can be Exploited with MicroSD

Speaking of memory capacity, the Smartfren Andromax Es specification comes with 8 GB of internal memory. The internal memory capacity of Andromax is also similar to that of Smartfren Andromax Q and Qi variants. The 8 GB capacity in Smartfren Andromax Ice is actually enough to accommodate the file system and also the personal files of its users. But if users of Smartfren Andromax Es want a wider space, Smartfren has provided this new product with external memory slot. Andromax specifications The ice in the storage section comes with an external memory slot that can be used to increase the memory capacity up to 32 GB.