Harga Hp Xiaomi Murah Terbaru Lengkap 2019

Xiaomi Review – Like a rocket, the introduction of Hp Xiaomi rises without a quick hurdle. This brand is also famous in many countries, also in our country. Type of the current type is often sold out in minutes as a series of online stores located on the ground water pre-order this latest device. In fact, not a few of the coming of some oblique comments on him along with the skyrocketing of his fame, for example, is considered a type of jiplak of Apple brand. But that many did not menyutkan this brand in trying to love the breakthrough through the latest and most sophisticated devices that are viewed more friendly in the wallet than the same first popular.

Xiaomi often make happy in a number of countries about marketing, so for you who are currently looking for a good low-priced from the brand is also not a bit menyuguhkannya for you to compare with others. This brand often improves in the type of type with the interface and features are lightly driven then appropriate for the ogled and tasted taste – it’s like using this HP. Its popular ROM is heard with MIUI it has been downloaded to millions of times.

Type kesatunya of the brand that directly skyrocket this is Mi One that can be found in the online store, which is much lower banderolnya. The rules in this unique marketing has made this brand more popular in the second quarter of 2013, which at that time successfully defeated Apple in China. This brand is popular with quality and bandrolnya which is not like Samsung or Apple is often high. Therefore no wonder when the brand is often hunted by his fans in a row of countries.

Harga Hp Xiaomi Murah Terbaru Lengkap 2018

Rows of the type include RedMi 2 is also a grasp download speeds up to 150Mbps. Comes in 64-bit architecture, 4G dual sim, and for the likes berpoto then held diperanti this 8 MP and 2 MP, and certainly berbodi slim. While the latest is the Mi 5s Plus, this device is increasingly big when measured with Mi 5 s cousin it, namely by holding a 5.7 inch display 1920 x 1080 pixels. for the second it has been distributed data related to the initial registration number that make salute over it, sebeb has translucent up to 3 million.

But that must be known if it does not mean or is not a pre-order but only a registration register which means that about 3 million that there has been interest to mecicipi performance of Mi 5s and Plus it. Where for those who like to be photographed will be given 13 MP on its primer grasping the way its operations are similar to its Huawei P9. Which is the power to capture more light, so it will produce detailed and clear results.

Brand is growing rapidly like this rocket up to now also have been able to and continue to survive and gain a response that is not a good bit of the row among the peminatnya. Through which he served a tantalizing and bidding on the banderolnya cndong would be favored for friendly or affordable arrival was also the tip tip can be received well. Because not a few who when looking for a thing with a glance at the banderolnya in early mulannya, so it is also on the end make Xiaomi is selling well. For those of you who are now hunting one of the type of this brand then in this discussion will be assisted with the update banderolnya the latest so you can make a budget that fits.

Best Xiaomi Review Phones

  • Minimalist Design with 5 Inches Screen

We start the discussion of Xiaomi Mi 4i specifications from the outer appearance. It is a hallmark that Xiaomi products are famous for its special body bongsor. So also with Xiaomi Mi 4i this. The latest smartphone Xiaomi blend has a size of 138.1 mm x 69.6 mm x 7.8 mm with weights reaching 130 grams. With such body dimensions, Xiaomi Mi 4i feels right in the grasp and not too heavy despite the shape bongsor. To wrap the screen Xiaomi Mi 4i, vendors from China is pinned type IPS LCD screen Capacitive Touchscreen with a stretch of 5 inches. The screen on this smartphone has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels with a density of 441 pixels and richness of color reaches 16 M. The combination of size and density technology in Xiaomi Mi 4i will produce a sharp visualization and pleasing to the eye. To facilitate its operations, Xiaomi also menanmkan MIUI-UI user interface concoction Xiaomi own. But unfortunately, like other middle-class smartphones, the Xiaomi Mi 4i specification is not equipped with a good screen protector. So, the user must install additional screen guard manually.

  • The Shuttle Kitchen is Powerful with a Core 8 Processor

For the matter of the engine, the specification of Xiaomi Mi 4i is promising engine performance is quite reliable. Although only middle-class gadgets, but the latest smartphone Xiaomi mainstay is still equipped with classy machine components. As the processor, Xiaomi Mi 4i uses an eight-core machine or commonly known as octa-core technology. The CPU is shaped by a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor as well as quad-core 1.0 GHz Cortex-A53 processor. The combination of devices that menggawangi sector of the CPU is more perfect with the presence of 2 GB of RAM. To support the graphics quality, Xiaomi Mi 4i is also equipped with Andreno 405 GPU. So, friends no longer need to hesitate to invite this smartphone to play the latest HD games. In addition to these tough components, the Xiaomi Mi 4i specification in the kitchen sector is also reinforced by the latest operating system, the Android OS Lollipop 5.0.2.

  • Extra Storage Storage Capacity with 16 GB Internal Memory

Next, we will discuss the specifications of Xiaomi Mi 4i in the data storage space. Unlike most other smartphones that have dual memory, smart phones Xiaomi blend is only equipped with single memory. That means, Xiaomi Mi 4i has only internal memory only and no microSD slot or external memory. Although only has single memory, but storage capacity on Xiaomi Mi 4i is very loose. Internal memory of this smart phone is 16 GB. So, although the Xiaomi Mi 4i specification in the data storage space sector does not have a microSD slot, you can still accommodate all the important files because the internal memory capacity of the latest gadgets Xiaomi concoction is quite large.