Kelebihan, Warna & Harga Hp Samsung Galaxy S8 2018

Nokia N95 8GB – Samsung Galaxy S8 will arrive with its super elegant exterior appearance seductive to the few who are currently waiting for it, for who just want to know or will buy it. But must be patient waiting for him once more, because for official issued in the country that is, April Th. this. Regarding to make minus it of course is from the price which when felt-taste it higher. So what is balanced with what he presented it?

As found if this one is the next generation of S7 which is still warm so oblrolan material. If you remember the track record of this brand, so will be more or less how that will be in primadonakan. Which will be provided with 5, 5 inch for monitors that have been given Super AMOLED with sharpness of sixteen million colors. Create a mobile phone that is on this premium list of course for the supported resolutions it also can be guessed.

Then on the protection will be adopted glass that is getting stronger Gorilla Glass versus 5. And not only that, the features that have been held monitoranya it is also one of them is always-on display that will make this one type will be able to catch the tone instructions by not having to turn on monitor in its prefix. Then this type of ditunggukan will also be given Android versus 7. 1 or Nougat, which will be driven by the ‘machine’ that grasp the power but will be more friendly to the power.

Kelebihan, Warna & Harga Hp Samsung Galaxy S8 2018

Then make in the graphics though, which will be paired with the GPU Adreno 540. Supports also his Ram is a fantastic list, which is 6GB. Surely such a thing will make the operation increasingly so grow smoothly, which is in support also with there is a memory in the list of ‘gede’ is 128GB. And if still in the sense must make loosened once again surely some owners can do it via microSD that can touch to 256GB.

While in the field of photography, make can support the shots have a good quality it so it must have been armed with a series of components that have good quality also in this field. like the one in front of it, in order to bring the clarity of the selfie that has been handled so given 8 MP that will dikomplitkan also with other supporters such as the subject of wide-angle lens. This field must be there and must be good so as not to lose with others, therefore, make the back side also plugged 16MP which also has been completed with other supporters for the more real shots. Beyond that, given also with the power to do 4K video recording, and there are dual LED flash that will make the better shots even in low light situations.

Then there are 3000mAh of his power will be ready to work together with others for this mobile phone diprimadonakan this. Which for his power is claimed to hold power for the contents without a long time, the 4th generation with the power to restart the situation from 0 to 50%, takes 15 minutes. This smartphone is really prime, so commonplace if the price of Samsung Galaxy S8 in bandrol so expensive. But behind the high price of Samsung Galaxy S8 we want to get feature Irislah Scanner that can be used to scan the eyes and face when open this smartphone. The security features are the most sophisticated right now.

Specification Nokia N95 8GB Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Phablet Super Premium 5.8 Inches with Attractive Visualization

Starting this segment, will invite you all to discuss the outermost part of the specs Samsung Galaxy S8. Seen if the design brought by this smartphone is much more premium than its fellow classmates. Not only the design that looks premium, wrapping metalnya body that consists of the color of midnight black, orchid gray, arctic silver, coral blue, and maple gold also makes Samsung Galaxy S8 looks so premium. Visible if this phone also adopts the design of dual-curved edges and thin bezels on the top and bottom. The loss of the home button on the face automatically makes the fingerprint scanner sensor placed on the back side by side with the main camera of Samsung Galaxy S8. Instead of the home button, you will find a scanner slice on the face to scan the user’s eyes. The body is tough enough to be able to swim because it has obtained IP68 certificate that makes it resistant to dust and water immersion at a depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. Dimensionally, Samsung Galaxy S8 has a length of 148.9 mm, width 68.1 mm, and width of 8 mm while the weight is 155 grams. This smartphone also brings the screen tech Super AMOLED area of 5.8 inches so as to include it in the category of phablet. The screen is also capable of producing resolution Quad HD 1440 x 2960 pixels with 570 ppi density so that the visual appearance of Samsung Galaxy S8 is not only the maximum but also very attractive. The screen is also supported with multitouch and sweetened interface typical Samsung, TouchWiz UI. To optimize the visual sector, Samsung also provides the screen of this device with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 that can protect it from various impacts and scratches. What’s interesting about this Galaxy S8 specification is the support of a feature called Samsung DeX that can change its function into a PC.

  • Tough Performance Combinations of Octa-core Processors and 4 GB of RAM

Apart from the view, Samsung Galaxy S8 specifications in the sector of the engine also offers a quality that is not less premium. As the brain of data processing, Samsung relies on the best chipset right now, Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 which contains eight core processors from Quad-core 2.35 GHz Kryo and Quad-core 1.9 GHz Kryo. But for the Indonesian market, Samsung Galaxy S8 will later use Exynos 8895 Octa chipset with two core processors consisting of two clusters, namely Quad-core 2.35 GHz and Quad-core 1.7 GHz. Although different, but the performance is served no less tightly with Snapdragon 835. Both types of processors will be paired with 4 GB of RAM so the performance of Samsung Galaxy S8 to support multitasking activity is very smooth. Samsung is also known to use the latest graphics card for the US version of Galaxy S8 so that its ability to play games and advanced multimedia no doubt. Running the Android operating system v7.0 Nougat will make the performance of components on the Galaxy S8 specification is getting lighter and new features are provided more abundantly.

  • Save Data Space Provide 64 GB Internal Memory and 256 GB microSD

Turning to the next discussion, this time will review in more detail the storage sector provided by the Samsung Galaxy S8 specification. This sector becomes one of the vital parts of the smartphone because it will support its operational performance. So as not to hamper its operational performance then, Samsung equip this latest premium phone with 64 GB of internal memory. Internal memory capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is perceived to have provided a fairly large room for the user to store the files entertainment collection as well as accommodate the system files. Even to better satisfy users, the storage space on the Samsung Galaxy S8 can still be expanded by adding a microSD with a maximum capacity of 256 GB. Unfortunately, the use of this microSD will have to give up the SIM slot 2 so it needs to be considered in advance which is preferred. However, the overall specification of Galaxy S8 in storage space is still adequate.