Harga Laptop Apple MacBook Air Terbaru Murah Lengkap 2018

Apple Computer Company – Apple MacBook Air laptop is so popular, no wonder because he is from the famous gadget brand and certainly not a few people in the country who have noticed. Which one comes from the land of Uncle Sam, which has not counted the best works on its part. So it is not surprising that this brand is so eagerly awaited for every product anyarnya, including one of them is Apple MacBook laptop.

With its capable performance, and the latest design and technology it has made it also more worth it when the part of the price is quite high. Even so, still not a lot of penyukanya who will pay for the best work that always launched by the brand. Even in the matter of the sales amount is not like from other brands, but he often occupy the highest rank on the turnover problem per year. Why did it happen? It makes the sales are still lost with a different brand that melaunching not a bit, but if viewed from the sale of APPstore applications, this brand can also sell better.

That is because this brand can also always steady upright till this time. Even if the price itself is often mentioned exorbitant because they really aim at many of the lover from the middle to upper class who without any sanctions for poured money to be able to taste it. But in the country many of them are also many who menggemarinya and crave for can have it, also including this MacBook. That’s the step Apple made for many gadget fans increasingly fanatical to him, so will always make increasing the pace of change that has a business of American origin. In addition, the Macbook Air is an update from the first Macbook Pro which has been present a flood of praise from many pencintanya because the first exposed that often hold uniqueness.

Harga Laptop Apple MacBook Air Terbaru Murah Lengkap 2018

In On as one reason when the Macbook is so popular that its type that covers the 13 inch laptop. He is so slimming, therefore he also will also be easy to carry anywhere. The further there is even a joke when he can hover swept away because the wind so lightly. Beyond that other advantages of stable and strong system of viruses are at risk. And the ability of the better than many of its predecessors, which apply Mac OS X is accompanied by multi-core processor. Among the others who are seeded are able to show off and play lined apps where the speed is also high and fantastic. Make it possible to have it too lightly because you just search for it in the shop around you, but before that you should make note first explanation from many users and also pay attention to explanation of the latest price list that can be used as reference. Beyond that you can also buy it in online stores so it will become easier.

Apple Macbook Pro Retina MLH42 is a new laptop made by Apple that is definitely given the classy specs. If you are often heavy computing mobilization, the power of Apple Macbook Pro Retina MLH42 has been reliable. Undoubtedly, Apple’s product does look charming and stylish, as well as with this laptop. The design is good and not shy. The Apple Macbook Pro Retina MLH42 carries a 15.4-inch widescreen monitor, where the monitor has a resolution level of 2880 x 1800 pixels. Offal is in the body of this laptop include an Intel Core i7 2.7GHz quad-core, Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz, with 8MB shared L3 cache as the source perform. The processor is combined with VGA Radeon Pro 450 and 16 GB of RAM. A moment so storage facilities prepared SSD has 512 GB. The combination is definitely make this laptop performs so reliable.

Apple Computer Company is formed

Tips on choosing a second laptop on the operating system. Before buying a laptop we are often faced with confusion when we choose the operating system of the laptop, especially for people who are lay with the world of technology. The operating system is a lot, but there are some operating systems that are usually sold along with the laptop, but there are also laptops that are sold without the operating system, so we have to buy a license from the operating system we want. Operating systems that are usually on the laptop market include:

  • Mac

Mac OS is an operating system that is only obtained when buying MacBooks. This operating system has a very powerful antivirus, so if we buy a MacBook then most likely all our work data can be safely stored without having to get the virus / malware. This is certainly very effective, especially for a video editor. Then the MacBook is more devoted by video or creator content, such as youtube, movies, and more. The price of this MacBook is a bit expensive, but with the quality promised by Apple company itself is very qualified.

  • Windows 10

Windows is an operating system that very often we encounter. Almost all computers and laptops use this operating system. Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft after windows 8.1. Windows 10 is to be one of the enhancers of previous versions, because the features offered from windows 10 is more interesting. This operating system is a high-class operating system with all its sophistication. Windows 10 is already equipped digital assistant named Cortana. This becomes very useful when we want to know or do things quickly. Because with Corta we just simply call him by saying “Hey Cortana” then he will be prepared to take the orders we want.

  • Chrome OS

Chrome OS is Google’s current operating system output lately being talked about in many media. The interface design of this operating system is very interesting and elegant and its appearance is not much different from the microsoft operating system production. This operating system can also run some android apps that exist in our android smartphone.