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Notebook Review – Asus Laptops have been so popular in the homeland market, easy to make known with many types of each series that you can decide that fits the requirements. Series Of these brands include the Zenbook Series, which is a modern design system on this variant at the end for a laptop that is so stylish and so thin that so loved by the lovers of this brand. The only one-inch, one-inch profile brings the balance of super-powered features with cutting-edge technology, great looks he has gripped.

Among the types in this series that ZenBook 3 is carrying updates that are not in will also be suspected, as the embodiment of a better future. Which single component component in precision design also interesting detail for this type will also be liked. Plus this laptop also grasps the size of the more slimming, powerful, and perform so powerful. This is the coolest row of laptops that could exist. This type has been designed through a very careful implementation techniques in order to produce a masterpiece. With its thinness is 11.9mm, ASUS has managed to create a hinge in this type is very strong in maintaining the good design. In order to fit the full size keyboard, the Brand is a pin for surround which is 2.1mm on the edge, and holds 4 powerful audio speakers in which it is a collaboration with the Harman cardboard audio specialist.

This type is already known for its uniqueness, its attractive appearance, and some of its users can be friends with Zen-inspired icons with round metal rounds to it, designed with unibody that has exceeded 32 steps that are not light in the moment bikinnya. As well as ASUS have love a beautiful touch addition through the system of 2-phase anodizing which is special for the love of the appearance of the edge of the existing gold color. Make sure this new design completeness, added a good gold color in the ASUS logo and love the golden keyboard backlight as well. While in the Gaming series one of which is the G501 that comes with a good class of game power. All of its ultraportable designs carry DNA ROG, so its users will always be ready for combat anytime.

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ROG G501 presents a smart fan path minimal noise due to Hyper Cool technology that has been increased. This type will be good performance when tasted, not noisy, so that would not damage the comfort of the gamers on the battlefield. This type has come with a row of features that are innovative, as well as a premium casing that is from aluminum so that the more thin and light, so nice to be invited anywhere.

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If you still feel confused in determining what laptop work is right, here are nine tips for choosing a working laptop that will help you.

  • Calculate and prepare the budget

Whoever you include workers, prepare the allocation of funds first indeed should be done if you want to buy a fairly expensive goods such as working laptops. Before choosing which laptop to buy, calculate and prepare in advance the allocation of special funds that will buy a laptop.

  • Start finding out and consider laptop specifications

Each series of brands that issued a laptop usually already has a special target laptop, this can you see clearly from the specs given. Some of the main parts that you should consider when going to buy a laptop is the battery, memory, processor, hard drive and also connections. Some of these specifications are very influential with your work.

  • Consider screen size

Currently, the size of the laptop screen that can be found on a laptop is 11 to 17 inches. For the laptop work alone, the most ideal size is 13 inch and 14 inch. Why is that? Because at that size the work of typing and making some presentation can be done very optimally. In addition, working laptop with this size will also not feel too heavy when brought here and there.

  • Choosing a Touchpad is also important

Laptop parts that have been considered not too important it will greatly affect a person’s performance is the touchpad. There are several series of laptops that put the touchpad too close to the keyboard so it is untouchable, and damages the work page, and some other problems. That’s why, choose and try the touchpad on the laptop work also you should still do.