List Harga Android Ram 2gb Murah Terbaru Lengkap 2019

Google Drive Free Space – This multitasking activity can generally be familiar to meet the opening time of some social media applications such as facebook, twitter, instagram, line and others. To semasing the application has a different needs Ram there is a big one there is a small, but dikal familiar comrade ulasgadget already have HP Android Ram 2GB is the cheapest this intimate friend does not need to think of such a thing.

Stay cool in running HP Android Ram 2GB the cheapest can be felt by a familiar friend when driving the Smartphone. You will not find the state of ngehang or ngelag time running HP Android Ram 2GB this, as long as the intimate friends do not open many applications with the usual use under 2GB Ram. Karna if more than Ram’s ability there, so the state nge hang or nge lag can be familiar friends meet.

Android nowadays indeed has become a necessity that can not be released in everyday life. This kind of karna except used for Android communication purposes can also be used to support all activities such as work support, info and even entertainment can we access using HP Android. If you want to use Android activities are not natural the exact problem requires a solid specification so that Android capabilities remain stable even though it is driving a lot of heavy applications.

List Harga Android Ram 2gb Murah Terbaru Lengkap 2018

Telephone Ram 2GB Android mobile phone who take the Android operating system Lollipop with interface MIUI 7 has a quality camera with Phase Detection Autofocus technology which incorporated behind the camera 13 MP and 5 MP front. For a moment the workspace of the familiar friend of harigadget, has been set up the monitor has a resolution of Full HD which spans an area of 5. 5 inches, so so cool dikala used to see movies and playing games. Unfortunately Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 global version has shortcomings, that is not yet also equipped with external memory.

How to up Google Drive Free Space

  • Processor or CPU (Central Processing Unit)

The most important and which must be considered in choosing android smartphone is the processor used. SoC (System on Chip) is the core brain of an android smartphone system. If the specification of cpu is digukan low then do not be surprised if android smartphone feels slow and often lag although still new and not many install applications. Choose a processor with leading brands such as Qualcomm Snapdragon, Exynos, Nvidia Tegra if you have a high budget. If instead, you can choose a processor with a mediatek (MTK) or Intel brand. Choose the highest series of chipsets you choose, for example, if in the snapdragon qualcomm for low-end class devices typically use the 200 and 400 series, for the mid class usually use the 600 series and for the flagship class or the highest typically use the 800 series. written, the highest snapdragon qualcomm snapdragon 821 and the latest rumor will come out the 835 series snapdragon. Choose a chipset with a high clockspeed of at least 1 GHz, higher is better. Choose the most modern and new architecture today such as ARMv8, Cortex A53, Cortex A57 and others. Choose the smallest and most sophisticated manufacturing. Examples of such as 90nm, 65nm, 45nm, 40nm, and 28nm, 14nm, 10nm. Also choose a processor with a large and fast cache. And most importantly, choose a processor with a core core that is at least 2 cores (dualcore). Much nicer like 4 cores (quadcore), 6 cores (hexacore), 8 cores (octacore), 10 cores (decacore).

  • RAM (Random Access Memory)

If the processor or chipset works as a brain, then ram is as ingatan. Ram is useful when we run various applications simultaneously. The more applications we run the greater the memory required. With great Ram, we can move between applications smoothly. However, if wrong in the selection of ram, android that we use will be slow and applications that we run will often stuck and force close. Choose a capacity of at least 1 GB of RAM, larger is certainly better. Important! Choose the latest ram types such as LPDDR2, LPDDR3, LPDDR4 (Higher series faster). And choose RAM with high frequencies (MHz).