Harga, Warna & Fitur Hp Android Nokia XL 2019

Nokia XL Dual SIM – Nokia XL has been around for a long time, in May 2014. But until now not many people are looking for it. By transporting the specifications that are considered okay rada okay and qualified it so it has been released through the price of each good unit at the beginning of the release. In order to provide a confidence of choice, then this discussion will be in suguhkan many about it. In this opportunity, will begin with discussing the speknya, which is one of the largest cellular telephone from the other of this brand.

This type has been presented with carrying monitor size of 5 inch in which it also carries the arrangement of technology monitor based on IPS LCD. But unfortunately by the manufacturer is still given by the resolution which can be said small for the size of 5.0 inch, which is 480 x 800 pixels with a density of 187 ppi image. With it is likely to make a matter of appearance this type of screen will look broken if you later feel it and baseball solid.

Even when the time for the appearance of the screen also still looks clear because it holds sixteen million colors, so it does not show a drab panorama even though rada broke because of the relatively small resolution it holds. Beyond that, on the side of the monitor is also not given with the protection of the monitor is Gorrila Glass 1, or so forth. That means the wearer must be wary when wearing this type because it is so span of friction or also a scratch from anything else around it that can damage it. Through the size of its 5-inch relief, this type is offset by the dimensions of its body which is about 141.4 x 77.7 x 10.9 mm which grasps a fairly heavy weight, which is 190 grams.

Harga, Warna & Fitur Hp Android Nokia XL 2018


This type also holds the look of the GUI ala Nokia X, therefore I do not have to wonder if watching this type like Nokia X but its size and spec that is next to make both not the same. Cool again where this type is a jumbo, which has been equipped with a dual SIM settings of Micro-SIM size of which both support GSM network. And for network support there is 2G, and 3G HSDPA it has holding frequency 900/2100.

For those of you who want to look for it is easy because just stay looking at HP stores either offline that is in your place or online with easy transactions where you still do not move to sit in the chair. As for the price of the course may not be the same but not far away so you can still look for the lower. Here we also suguhkan it for you can refer here first.

Just like the first generation, Nokia CL Adroid is in bandrol with Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 CPU and also dual core 1Ghz. RAM also has a natural addition than Nokia X Android, which amounted to 768 MB. Coupled with hp yag unique hp Nokia design, you can also select the back panel or rear panel with several color choices like orange, green, yellow, cyan, black and also white.

More profitable again because Nokia XL Android brings dual SIM that fits you with many worthy purposes. Uniquely, Nokia XL Android operating system has been modified by Nokia itself, hereinafter referred to as Nokia X Platform Software. The difference, Nokia XL Android has no feature Google Mobile Service, until there is no innate in hp like Google +, Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps to Play Store. However you can still have the latest apps with treats of Microsoft and Nokia itself.

Growing from the previous generation that only carrying 3.15 MP camera, with a little inequality Nokia XL Android prices have been presenting a 5MP camera that is more clear. And so the addition as well, Nokia XL Android also provide a front camera with quality 1, 3 MP. Especially, this Nokia series is also complete with LED Flash and Autofocus.

Nokia XL Dual SIM price specifications

  • 5 inch screen

Just like the other Nokia Android series, Nokia XL brings a very stylish design with a very bright clad color typical Nokia. In terms of design is still the same as Nokia X. Only, the size of the screen used Nokia XL is larger because pinned LCD of 5 inches. but although the larger resolution is still the same pixel WVGA 800 × 400 pixels. So if compared directly with Nokia X, precisely display the image of Nokia XL slightly more rugged because the ppi size is smaller only 187 ppi.

  • Processor is still the same

Turning to the kitchen sector runway, Nokia XL specification is also still adopt a similar processor with Nokia X. This latest Nokia mobile phone and rely on Dual Core ARM Cortex A5 processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8225 chipset. The combination of chipset and processor is still much unfortunate because it is only able to generate clock speed 1 GHz. Appeared as the older brother of Nokia X, the advantages of Nokia XL is on the side of a slightly larger RAM. Nokia XL immerses 768 MB of RAM. Specifications in the kitchen sector runway is actually a weakness of nokia XL when compared with other Android, because if we compare the price of Nokia XL which ranges from Rp. 2 million then his specs were lost with the android phones on the market. Nokia XL uses the Nokia X Android OS Platform based on Android 4.2 jelly Bean.

  • 5 MP Camera

In addition to carrying a 5 inch screen, the other advantages of Nokia XL is to use a camera with a size larger than nokia X is 5 MP. In addition there are also features LED Flash to help illumination when taking pictures in the dark. Nokia XL also presents a front camera with 2 MP resolution. Camera shots pretty good let alone supported with LED flash, and autofocus. For storage media, the latest android phone nokia is equipped with an internal memory of 4 GB plus a micro SD slot that can digeber up to 32 GB.

  • Features and Advantages of Nokia XL

Just like other Nokia Android, Nokia XL relies on the main features of fastlane. As explained earlier, this fastlane feature summarizes any notifications that go into the app and displays recent apps so that everything can be easily controlled through this feature. Nokia XL does not support a variety of Google Mobile services like Play Store, Gmail, Gmaps etc. However Nokia replaces it with Nokia products like nokia App store, nokia Here, and Ovimail. However, it can not be denied that its presence still can not replace the ease of Google. To anticipate, Nokia has provided Nokia XL with a variety of built-in applications such as BBM, Vine, Line, Skype and so on. Besides the advantages of Nokia XL is offered is a feature Mix radio that offers 21 popular songs for free for users.