Warna, Spesifikasi Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 & Harga 2018

Review A7 – As mentioned earlier, Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) also holds its waterproof and dustproof advantage. A charming looking who will like anyone, but you have to pour money more than 5 million-an for able to taste his ability. Even so, the high price is worth the quality that has been served. As he has given 16 MP for supporting photography can achieve a good shot from cellular phone this one. And not a few who dikantonginya which can be judged so excellence.

With already holding IP68 certificate, so will be able to accompany you to swim or rain rain hujanan without having to worry he will be damaged. For power to survive from dust and water as deep as 1.5 mtr. approximately 1/2 hour. Grasping the 5.7-inch monitor, which takes the Super Amoled Display panel and is protected against an array of scratch-resistant glass on the side. Plus once again held also metal frame with body size is 156.8 x 77.6 mm, and berketebalannya is 7.9 mm.

To color the color so harmonious with the home button is integrated clever finger responsive. Although from the same side is similar to Note 7, but still not the adoption of Quad HD resolution screen. Which for the resolusin is 1080 x 1920 pixels and the density is 386 ppi. And for this one is also embedded Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. Which to be able to good performance was also supported by Exynos 7880 chipset and Octa Core 1.9 Ghz Cortex-A53 processor.In order to improve its performance faster, then in komplitkan also by Mali-T830MP2 GPU and Ram 3GB. In addition to its own internal memory then the one on this one phone has been considered big enough for you to put a row of any file, which is 32GB, and if it is still less then you can loosen it again by adding it via microSD.

Warna, Spesifikasi Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 & Harga 2018

All components must be supported by the big power, therefore it is embedded 3,600 mAh which is also in support Fast Charging feature so do not need to be annoyed because long time batteries full. Furthermore, this one phone also adheres to USB Type-C port which would be easy to charge and also will make transfer from computer more quickly. But unfortunately due to grasp the unibody model, then for the battery can not be dislodged.

No wonder that the price is very high, the article in addition to the sector that has been disclosed, from the connectivity was complete. Not just a USB Type-C port, also has Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac Dual Band and Bluetooth v4.2. Coupled with the NFC and GPS navigation that holds the technology is A-GPS and Glonass. While from the photography sector that was you will be a handheld like the professionals. Carrying 16 Megapixel with support Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and LED Flash which make its performance is above average, but can not be used to capture 4K video. As for the looks of it’s 16 Megapixel with f / 1.9 aperture that would be so ready to attract consumers who love berselfie imprison each incident best on this one phone.

Samsung Galaxy Review A7

  • Phablet Premium Class with 5.75 Inch AMR Screen Supr

If viewed in detail, the actual specifications of Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 does not have much difference with the previous version of Galaxy A7. The reason, when viewed in terms of dimensions only, phablet made by Samsung is almost has a thickness similar to the previous generation in which both carry a fairly thin body. It is not separated from the dimensions of the dimensions of Galaxy A7 2017 which has a length of 156.8 mm, width reaches 77.6 mm, and thickness of 7.9 mm. By bringing a distinctive design and a touch of luxury, of course users Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 will increasingly appear confident. In addition, this advanced device will carry a slightly wider screen than its predecessor generation, which is 5.7 inches wide. Interestingly, with the Super AMOLED panel and brought the resolution of Full HD 1080 x 1920 pixels 386 ppi, 386 ppi, of course, Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 will make we friends can enjoy the screen scenes are very sharp and high quality. On the other hand, the combination of these specifications does make it feasible didaulat as a device that will fill the premium phablet to welcome the new year 2017. Not only that, the unparalleled prowess of Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 super sophisticated screen technology will be more protected and maintained by the Corning Gorilla Glass screen protection system that can hold any scratches including sharp objects. So, in addition to carrying a very clear type of display, the Galaxy A7 2017 specification on the visual part is also equipped with screen protection tool that can not be underestimated.

  • Kitchen Sekot Rely on Exynos 7870 Chipset and 3 GB of RAM

If physically did not bring much change but the specifications of Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 on the kitchen spaces also offer an update that certainly better quality than previous generations. If the previous version hold Exynos 7580 chipset, this time Samsung has equip Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 with new chipset series Exynos 7870 which will be powered with Octa Core 1.9 GHz Cortex-A53 processor. With a combination of both hardware on the engine room, would make the phablet made by Samsung is able to work more leverage and stable. In addition, this premium phablet will also be supported by 3 GB of RAM that allows this luxurious phablet capable to run multiple processes simultaneously or multitasking. So, Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 is sure to remain tough running all applications smoothly without a hitch. Meanwhile, for its gaming and graphics affairs, the Galaxy A7 series 2017 series of Phablet entrusts its graphics processor to the Mali-T830MP2 GPU which will provide high-quality graphical displays to run games or play video with Full HD quality. Well, lastly, if the old version of Galaxy A7 is still using the Android platform Lollipop then the specifications of Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 is running on Android operating system version 6.0 Marshmallow which has more fun features.

  • Provided Storage Space Area with 32 GB Internal Memory Capacity

Turning to the next discussion, this time will review the storage space of the Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 specification. As a middle-class phablet, of course Galaxy A7 version 2017 will be equipped with a loose storage space capacity. Internal memory capacity is embedded in the smartphone series Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 has a wider capacity than its predecessor, which amounted to 32 GB. For the size of modern smartphones, the capacity of 32 GB is present on the Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 is arguably quite extensive in its class. With the internal memory is so friends can store various types of files, be it audio video files, games, or applications that require memory space is very large. Not only that, the storage space of the Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 is also equipped with an external memory slot that can accommodate microSD cards up to 256 GB capacity. The presence of external memory slot is very useful for friends who want more storage space, especially to store some files that require large space, such as applications, games, and video. So, Galaxy A7 2017 specification on the storage sector is arguably quite adequate.