Harga, Warna & dan Kelebihan Ponsel Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

New Smartphones – Samsung Galaxy A9 certainly is not foreign once again ears and also found if he is intended for middle class who crave one specification that qualified. Where it comes to action so the next generation of the more complete Galaxy A series that has come first in the market such as Galaxy A3, A5, A7 and A8. Where he has been designed with the kind of premium-looking and captivating wrap bezzels are so thin on the 2 sides which makes it look so elegant.

Beyond that, the A9 has also transported a qualified spek, which is for the monitor is AMOLED 5.5 inches which he has a resolution of 1440 × 2160 pixels, so he will make some users happy. Especially on the cameraman is accompanied by 16MP autofocus, LED Flash, and make the secondary 5 MP. As for you who currently intend to taste it, so on the explanation of this opportunity will be in love info related price, advantages and vice versa for increase your understanding. Among its advantages is as has been written above that is on the side of the screen is 5.5 inches AMOLED Quad HD resolution is quite livelihood for browsing, or finish view video, and play games.

In addition to its own network will make you so happy because he also has support 4G LTE network, which would later make a move on the internet increasingly booming. Plus it will make you realize how lucky to have it because it is rich in the latest applications and games that are easy to download in the Play Store. While certainly 32GB and accompanied RAMnya 3 GB will make you more freely to put a row of any file and to put whatever you like without worry about going full. For the performance will be tasted it turns out okay have and smooth because in bekali with Snapdragon 810 CPU / Exynos 7420 Octa core. for those who meminatinya certainly will be able to meet with ease, ie by visiting the nearest HP store or for those who do not want to be tired while relaxing in a chair by visiting an online store.

Harga, Warna & dan Kelebihan Ponsel Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

No less great, bahakan more than what is achieved by its predecessor, make quite common sense if the price of Samsung Galaxy A9 in the price at a high price range. We can only say here the price range, because the latest feature of samsung is not also the official launching, but for the problem Samsung Galaxy A9 price is predicted to be not far from the price shown on its predecessor, and make the more bright can the advantages and disadvantages Samsung Galaxy A9.

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  • Premium Smartphone with Sleek and Elegant Body Design

Reviews about the specs Samsung Galaxy A9 will we start first from the outside, the physical sector. In the physical sector, this time Samsung still brings a touch of luxury and also stylish as it was delivered in previous generations, Galaxy A8. Although bringing a smaller screen size, but the visual quality brought by Samsung Galaxy A9 remains no less than his elder brother. Shown by presenting a more sophisticated figure, Samsung Galaxy A9 series smartphone brings the perfect look with elegant design that makes it look more luxurious. This time, the Galaxy A9 series carries the concept of nyarsi without bezel flanking the glass. If observed at a glance, it appears that Samsung Galaxy A9 is an expensive gadget. Then, as a mainstay in the visual, this smartphone is equipped with Super AMOLED screen size 5.5 inches. Mesku screen size is smaller, but precisely Samsung Galaxy A9 has a more sharp visual appearance because the screen quality is better. The screen has a very high resolution, which is 1920 X 1080 with a density level reaching 401 ppi. With stock Full HD screen resolution, the Samsung Galaxy A9 will display the quality of display images that are very pampering the eyes. Not to forget, to complement the sophistication of the physical sector, Samsung has also pinned Fingerprint sensor feature on this latest smartphone product. But a little note, Galaxy A9 specification on this screen has not been equipped with a system of protection in-class Gorilla Glass on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Even so, the actual type of Super AMOLED screen that is on this smartphone already has a fairly strong physical resilience.

  • Powerful Performance Snapdragon 620 Chipset with Octa-core CPU

Once we know how the quality of the physical and visual, now we will dissect the specs Samsung Galaxy A9 on the heart of the kitchen pacunya. Carrying the label as a premium-class gadget, Samsung did not seem to mess with the quality of the kitchen sector runway on this Galaxy A9. For this generation of Samsung Galaxy A9, South Korean company that relies Qualcomm MSM8976 Snapdragon processor 620 which has better quality than Snapdragon 615 which menggawangi Samsung Galaxy A8. The processor has an Octa-core CPU consisting of one Quad-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A72 and Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53 quad-core. The combination of Snapdragon 620 chip with Octa-core CPU support on the Samsung Galaxy A9 will produce a formidable and stable performance. Moreover, there is also a RAM with a capacity of 3 GB. The presence of this enormous capacity RAM will make the performance of data on Samsung Galaxy A9 will be more leverage. For the graphics, of course for gamers lovers of the game will be spoiled by the graphical visual appearance is very high quality on this Samsung Galaxy A9. How not, the latest smartphone made by Samsung is equipped with graphics processing card or GPU type Andreno 510. High quality of hardware components must be balanced with sophisticated software as well. Well to complete the specs Samsung Galaxy A9 on this data processing, used Android operating system version 5.1 or known as Lollipop Android OS that can still be upgraded to the latest Android OS, namely Android OS version 6.0 Marshmallow.