Harga, Warna & Kelebihan Hp Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Smartphone Qwerty – Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is the successor of its predecessor who has obtained upgara on some sides that are not in the first series, until more manta for some lover of falling in love and likes because it has covered the weakness of the series predecessor. A row of things which this type looks not the same as its predecessor one of them from the monitor which is made for this type of higher resolution that is 720 x 1280 pixels and make the area is not the same, which is separated 0.25 inches that distinguish it.

For some people it could be said that this is a tablet pc tablet because the Galaxy Tab in Samsung is also the same extent. In the kitchen that HP is introduced in 2013, it has also been upgraded to make it more stable, which the popular brand is a lot of memcakayan Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 series mena speed is 1.2 Ghz, and the ram also get the same thing, you will get 1. 5 GB which can be considered somewhat at a loss because not all membekalinya 2 GB only, but if it is felt 1.5 can be so good in accommodating any interest about the memory.

For the lovers who want to taste Android OS KitKat, this type has been planted what you want it is v4.3. Surely there will be a series of plus values also from him to the wearer more satisfied because it has got it. As it is claimed more light than Jelly Bean. Questioning on the design side then there is no significant inequality of the series predecessor was in addition to this type of increasingly wide.

Harga, Warna & Kelebihan Hp Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Set for materials where the two types of the same series were built was no different, but it could be if you glance at a glance like a Galaxy Note 3 that man just wide Note is not far adrift. Meanwhile, to be able to love the screen protection so that the lover does not have to be afraid anymore when written, then given the hard glass, not given Gorilla Glass like that is applied to the Galaxy S3.

If you glance at the specifics that have been mentioned then it must be understood a series of important things of this type, which is not just holding the spec that is so adrift far from the series of the first version of its predecessor, but this type also gripped the price of the higher also. That is a natural thing because indeed what has been given to each type is not the same as the example mentioned on the screen that looks to dominate with the frame that will be full of screen.

While untuuk OS at the beginning of this type is actually Jelly Bean but the brand is promising to upgrade to KitKat, which will combine the interface TouchWIZ UI innate this brand that looks typical in the row of other types of design this brand. Others do not have anything unlike other than you can use the feature folder to put the application in accordance with the category.

In this mainstay feature has included a class of intermediate products where there is a series of congenital newbies applications from Samsung. An example is My Magazine which is a personal application that will show a row of news, photos, and entertainment that is fun for the wearer in an application. There are many more advantages and advantages of this product, the above explanation is only part of some of the advantages possessed grand galaxy 2.

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  • Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung has set up its latest smartphone to pound other smartphones that equally rely on the screen as big as phablet. Indeed Samsung is a pioneer in the release of cheap phablet and then started followed by other vendors. So no wonder Samsung launched the Galaxy Grand 2 as the successor to the Galaxy Grand to compete with other phablets that are actually present again. Finally Samsung follows the current phablet trend where Galaxy Grand 2 has been relying on a TFT screen size of 5.25 inches with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels 280 ppi density

  • Specifications Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Indeed in the screen sector is still superior Huawei Honor 3C or Honor 3X, but it turns out Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 has its own uniqueness in the hardware sector. Previously Galaxy Grand brings Dual core processor with 1GB of RAM, now Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 has been using Quad core 1.2 Ghz processor coupled with 1.5 GB of RAM. Unfortunately to measure the performance is not clear what the processor diusungnya, but could rely on Broadcom besutan processor like Galaxy Ace 3. For operating system is the latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.