Harga, Warna & Spesifikasi Hp Samsung Galaxy S5 2019

HP Brand – Samsung Galaxy S5 has been in late February and then to share many amazing things in the day-to-day users. From the first there Samsung Galaxy S Series, Samsung is often present come with bringing a line of innovation to satisfy its users, and increasingly advanced technology that will make the Galaxy series increasingly cherished by the wearer. For example stems from the importance of camera features that berketajaman better, and features that will make the lives of the more productive lovers.

This type is well designed where in features innovative features, which really will be required, and can make some users find jejeran things that make fascinated in life. 2 feature whose weapon is also in its predecessor series, which is increasingly established, in order to love an unthinkable thing that fascinates when utilizing it. Namely given with S Health 3.0 that will make you can easily make memenej work keep health and health is getting better once again.

The more excellent feature that is the fruit of research conducted by the Brand that shows a series of activities that are often done by some smart phone users in the period where the base of chats and social media has been getting better, the camera feature, which share the event as well as fun to friends and relatives through photos. While making the S Health feature embedded in this type is getting better, which has been enhanced its power with the existence of the feature for the heartbeat, so so some users can easily make out its heartbeat, when not yet or finish exercising.

Harga, Warna & Spesifikasi Hp Samsung Galaxy S5 2018

This feature will make some more fall in love with this type of hp because it can make life healthier. Where will you be helped when will wake up discipline to run or else and eat right. You will also be helped when you want to diet through calculating the calories consumed, as well as with enhanced power for easy heartbeat is also used. For just stick the fingertips in one of the locations behind this type hp.

In addition, smart hp that is currently identical to carry the role of a camera that can be true really reliable, good for daily busyness, especially when traveling, of course there is one event that is very unfortunate if miss make immortalized. Eating with auto focus speed of 0, 3 seconds on this type of course will make your life more exciting. Carrying the sharpness of 16 megapixels will certainly be able to satisfy some of its users until it’s possible to have a brand-new hoby, that is to capture anything in the more slick.

In addition to the power selective focus then it will feel like taking pictures with a snapshot of professional photographing tools, which led to shooting with a blurred background, you will easily to shoot every moment in life is more fun and faster, because it can just take the snap select picture mode. This type presenting autofocus is so fast with just 0.3 seconds.

HP Brand Samsung

  • Excess Samsung Galaxy S5

On the screen that Super AMOLED 5.1 inches Full HD 1080p will make the image that looks even better and so comfort the wearers when the middle of the game or play games Comes with its 16 MP camera along with Ultra HD video recording and Slow Motion Video that will fit once in securing a moment that is not to be missed, while for the front is 2MP that will be used for video calls, and others. By installing Snapdragon 801 Quad-core processor 2.5 GHz which would definitely love this type of performance that can make the wearer was mesmerized, because so maximized

  • Disadvantages Samsung Galaxy S5

On the material side used is made from plastic which would be rather not too fancy, so it may be felt unfortunate In RAM only held 2GB only, while a series of competitors have started to hold ram 3 GB for example is Xperia Z2