Harga, Kelebihan & Warna Hp Samsung Galaxy S6

Hewlett Packard – Samsung Galaxy S6 as discussed on its official website got the idea of a masterpiece of glass windshield and smart iron, diamana out one of the most sophisticated goods and good design from his inspiration. It presents a very nice performance, which is a great masterpiece. Then on the 2 sides as in the know that is curved, make it more beautiful and added with a glass surface that jejeran spectrum of attractive colors.

This type has also grasped its sharp cameraman resolution, which is superior and not sluggish. Through the F1.9 lens and high-resolution sensor in the primary camera (5 MP) and rear (16 MP) that will love the final appearance okay bagnet, even further when he is used in dark situations is also not a big problem. Beyond that for the presence of jejeran feature that will make you more pleased with the results. Meanwhile, with the Ultra Fast Charging, then the next the baseball wearer no longer worried for the problem power. With the speed of charging you will not have much thought to immediately fill it again, because it will last long. such as the ten-minute cas that for endurance up to four hours.

This type has also come up with a good security transport that is with KNOX and fingerprint scanner. In addition with the love of Smart Manager who will make the new wearer can easily to check the row of information that holds usefulness related to battery status, penyimnan, RAM, and others with so easy. As for the drawbacks such as LTE Network which is not available much in the country. In addition, there is only one for the slot simnya, as the news before the release. In addition it is the most recognizable in the matter of the high price, which in fact would not everybody can take it easily because it is cheap. For those of you who love to play any game would be suitable to try this item, because it has grasped a tough processor and RAMnya large.

Harga, Kelebihan & Warna Hp Samsung Galaxy S6

The memory on the samsung S6 edge is quite large which is about 32, 34 and 35 gb, it’s big enough with large size internal memory you need not be afraid to put some files and documents and take the application, because it has been supported with the ability of large enough memory and anti blank. But for this samsung no card slot for adding memory, but you can use the memory in the pleasure of your heart. Of course you want selfi dozens of times is also okay.

Make the price samsung galaxy S6 edge is enough to spend especially diliat with quality is quite fantastic, that is with the price around 7.5 million-an you have been able to have this nice smartphone, make it do not miss the news about samsung smartphone changes every month natural expenditure product and new type.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Tough Performance Rely on Octa-core Processors

As we already mentioned a little in the earlier part, the specification of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + indeed brings some improvement compared to the first generation. Improvements on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + this includes the kitchen specification runway is better. For this new phablet species, Samsung believes the collaboration of its flagship chipset, the Exynos 7420 with other reliable components. On the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +, the Exynos chipset is used to replace previous hardware components. As we know that Samsung entrusted the early version of Galaxy S6 edge chipset on Snapdragon. With the presence of chipset blend on Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + this, they believe that the chipset besutannya have better performance. The chipset is in tandem with an eight-core engine (Octa-core) presented through a Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU processor with 1.5 GHz and Quad-core Cortex-A57 processor with clock speed of 2.1 GHz. Reliable components that are also used in the series Galaxy Note 5. To improve the performance, the kitchen runway Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + equipped with a very large capacity RAM, which is 4 GB. The presence of 4 GB of RAM is, then the performance of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + machine no doubt. As for the graphics business, Samsung entrust the graphics processing of this new phablet on Mali-T760MP8 GPU. All hardware components on Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + is running on the operating system Android OS Lollipop v5.1.1. The presence of Green Robot OS is able to provide improvements in various sectors, including the working system memory and other applications to be more optimal. As a complement to the specification of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +, Samsung also pinned Fingerprint Sensor technology as a high-security guard. How not, only the fingerprint detected by the sensor is the one that can unlock to operate this phone. That way, the data in it will be very safe.

  • Extensive Storage Area with 32 GB and 64 GB Internal Memory

Furthermore, we will discuss the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + on the data storage space or file it. Memory storage capacity available on Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + same with memory on Galaxy Note 5. In this S6 edge + series phablet, Samsung also presents two type options. For the first type, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + equipped with a memory space of 32 GB. While the second type, friends will be given a memory area of 64 GB. Just as the Galaxy Note 5, the specification of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + is not supported by external memory slot. But even so, the internal memory of the phablet is wide enough so that the presence of external memory is no longer necessary.

  • Photography Line Usung Duet Camera 16 MP and 5 MP

It is common knowledge, if the photography space on the gadgets made by Samsung carrying a very qualified specifications. Included in this specification is Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + this. On this device, you can take advantage of two cameras that have the toughness of each. As the main camera of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +, Samsung dropped the choice on the 16 MP resolution camera. With the camera, you can produce images with a resolution of 2988 x 5312 pixels. In addition, the features of Optical Image Stabilization or OIS in it will make the image of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + more optimal because it works to dampen the hand vibration when taking pictures. For information, the hand vibration itself is very potential to make the image into blur, especially in low light conditions. This is what try to avoid by Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + new version. In addition, the existence of LED Flash will also further optimize the performance of the camera because the comrades will have a stock for a good lighting arrangement. Not limited to producing quality photos, 16 MP main camera on Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + is also able to help comrades produce video with a resolution of 2160p at 30fps. Meanwhile on the front of this Galaxy S6 + edge device, comrades will be armed with a 5 MP secondary resolution camera. Not limited to producing quality selfie photos, the front camera on the Galaxy S6 specification + edge is also able to menghsilkan 1080p video resolution at 30fps. That way, the need for video calls will also run more qualified.