Harga, Warna & Spesifikasi Hp Samsung Galaxy Z2

HP Center – Imported to be able to target the lowest class, Samsung Galaxy Z2 has been given with a pretty awesome performance. With a price that is less than a million this type seems quite successful for a respected country. As the subject on the connectivity side which is where for this type is 4G LTE which will be in pretty good sense. This type is considered capable of making the transfer of data rather qualified which is the top speed of 150 Mbps. Not only that, with the mini type will be nice when played or when placed in your pocket.

This type has been constructed by frame with only dimensions 121.5 x 63 x 10.8 mm, and has grasped its weight is considered good, ie 127 gr. Being on this type you will find 4.0 inch for the monitor, which for which currently looking for a broad can make this type among the considerations for the tasted. Coupled once again for the problem of resolutions that are transported also quite qualified, which will make the appearance of the more clear and grasping density is 233 ppi pixels density.

Because this type is only marketed through low bandrolnya, then this type comes with transporting a row of good components plugged in it. Which will be enough to be a mainstay, this type brings a better performance to operate various activities programingnya. Not only that, you will find 1 gb which of course this memory can be trusted in running a series of background applications together. But he also has power for HD quality games are getting better, and graphical visuals appear more stable.

Harga, Warna & Spesifikasi Hp Samsung Galaxy Z2

Another advantage is on the storage side which is considered to be able to accommodate the file row with the capacity is quite large. By applying an external slot which has been claimed can hold up to 200 GB. Thus certainly the users will be more flexible to put any file with so many. This is certainly a plus value that can patch that is not a plus in this type. Which although for when he looked at how much he appreciated then reasonable to be given what is equal to what it offers.

But if you look at the kemaranya, it seems this brand is reluctant to make the fans disappointed, with 5 MP which is considered sufficient for this cheap phone. which he / she will be consolidated by the f / 2.2 aperture. And well again, this type was held LED flash which is considered to be able to bring in additional light when the shooters in the area of low light. Furthermore, it is still given with the ability of others, namely berkekuasaan to record HD video with 720p @ 30fps.

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  • Space of Data Running On Tizen OS

As a beginner-class smartphone, Samsung Z2 specification is actually the same as other products that are equipped with components that have a standard quality. However, as is often seen in the quality of Samsung products, for the kitchen runway although composed of simple devices but of course able to work optimally and resilient. Samsung Z2 this can be said is not too fancy, but for work performance remains reliable and meet the standards of a modern gadget. For the data-processing component, Samsung relies on the Spreadtrum chipset that works with Quad-core processor power. Meanwhile Z2 is also ditandem with 1 GB of RAM capacity will also enable perform multitasking performance, just for the purposes of normal. Other hardware components such as graphics cards still have not been revealed by Samsung, but certainly this smartphone is different from what’s been on the market. Because Samsung has been relying on its own homemade OS into the Samsung Z2 specification.

  • On-board Memory Available Capacity 8 GB

From the specifications of Samsung Z2, we already know what kind of power in the kitchen spaces though the spacecraft to the specification in detail has not all been revealed, but as an illustration is already quite clear. Just like in the kitchen space runway, you will also find that all components are supplied in this Samsung smartphone is very simple. Well, it applies also to the storage space sector. Adjusting components in the kitchen runway, Samsung Z2 equipped with internal memory that is able to accommodate all the files system and entertainment files. To cover all the needs of this Z2 provided by the internal memory capacity of 8 GB so it will be enough to accommodate the entire file. Only, if you feel the space is less free to save so many personal files, the possibility of Samsung will also be attached to the external memory slot on this Samsung Z2 specification. But it is still in the confirmation phase.

  • Photography Documentation Depend on 5 MP Main Camera

To meet the standards of a smart phone in the modern era, of course the specification of Samsung Z2 is also must have a capable camera device. Answering the challenges of the modern era, Samsung smartphone is equipped with a camera device that is quite in accordance with the segmentation. For mainstay camera or main camera, Samsung pinned 5 MP camera. The camera with the size of the lens will meet the needs of photography that fits. In fact, if the camera Samsung Z2 is compared with the camera on another phone that class equivalent can be said. With the main camera, the documentation in the form of photography will produce shots with a resolution of 4128 x 3096, and the quality of HD video recording is 720p. In addition to these requirements, for the main camera Z2 is also equipped with modern support features. This phone also does not leave the current technology is a secondary camera or front camera that is used to perform selfie photos or video calls. Although the specifications of Samsung Z2 is still relying on VGA camera, but still functional to be used according to its function.