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Girls Bicycle – Gowes activities are now loved. In fact, in some parts of the metropolitan community has become part of the lifestyle. Demand was certainly no longer dominated among men. Now, the women have started a lot of glances and do not want to lose enjoy the fun of this one activity. Various reasons to be the trigger (trigger) that accompanies it. Starting from just a slang, hobby, or voicing the noble duty of campaigning healthy and clean living to fight global warming. Well, for women who are now beginning to avid gowes, it’s good to start sorting out bikes that are suitable for use.

Now, no longer need to choose a bamboo bike that is really suitable for female characters. Entering the year 2011, Polygon bicycle manufacturers bridge the needs of women penggadrung gowes by issuing a series of women-only bicycle named Celine. There are three options, namely Celine 1.0, Celine 2.0, and Celine 3.0. Differences in each series more on the component specifications. As a female bicycle, Celine certainly presented represent the characteristics of women themselves. Frame is designed geometrically and ergonomically for female cyclists. In appearance, Celine looks so elegant.

“Components are tailored to the anatomy of women, from saddles, handles, to seats,” said Harry Rusli, General Manager (GM) Production of PT Inserna Sena, at the launch of 20 new variants Polygon bikes at Outlet Rodalink in Denpasar, Bali, Saturday (09/25/2010). Celine graceful appearance is also supported by the development of new technology in the application of components Alivio 9 speed groupset. This of course will further alleviate the women while pedaling a bicycle. Well, for the matter of color, Polygon offers three color choices for each series, namely purple, light blue, and white. Seriously aimed at women’s market In 2011, Polygon began to eye serious market share among women.

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This business niche is quite tempting considering the many women who are now also getol gowes. Demand for women bike needs tends to increase. Promotion Manager of PT Insera Sena Peter Mulyadi said the high interest of women using bicycle is high enough. “We have released Extrada series for women and it is in demand, so we are getting serious about targeting women market,” he said. “Of the total bicycle production so far, which is 600,000 units per year, only five percent is made specifically for women,” he said. “The future will surely increase because the chances are huge,” he said.

Who says women can not compete with speed? This is proven by 5 female bike riders who have incredible speed. Engga arbitrary bike, bawaaan these female athletes are mountain bikes. Which one you need a strong physical for can act on tracks that engga fine. Despite the extreme tracks, 5 bike athletes are capable of speeding with incredible speed. Who are they, let’s look for gengs.

List of Road Girl Bicycle Races

1. Rachel Atherton

Rachel Atherton can award Laureus prestigious. Rachel Atherton is a racing bike racer. His ability to set the pace and environment in the weekend emang race extraordinary.

2. Catharine Pendrel

Catharine Pendrel UCI UCO champion XCO 2016 in the final round in Andorra, September 4, 2016. Pendrel survived in third place throughout the race.

3. Cecile Ravanel

For many, Cecile Ravanel became the clear heir to the throne of Anne-Caroline Chausson. He is fast, French and very consistent. In 2016 he won the Enduro World Series title, winning seven of eight rounds along the way.

4. Tahnee Seagrave

Although only 22 years old, Tahnee Seagrave, UCI Junior Champer 2010, is one of the youngest women in the top 10 sports, but he became one of the most stunning stars. He is one of only a few women who qualify for Atherton in 2016 and remain one of the greatest challengers in the next few years.

5. Rebecca Rusch

Puerto Rico’s Rebecca Rusch remains one of the toughest competitor ever produced professional mountain bikes. What really sets it apart from so many other legends, is the ability to match racing with so many disciplines. The original Chicago man cemented his title as ‘Queen of Pain’ by taking second place in 2016’s Dirty Kanzo 200 and winning the 2014 Trans Andes Challenges.