Daftar Harga Sepeda Giant Murah Terbaru Lengkap 2018

Touring Bike – A row of Giant Bikes is already made for answering the questions many fans related to one unit that can subdue many field tracks lightly. So it is not surprising that he is also increasingly respected and compete with other brands. There are several models presented Giant for you to increase the spirit of exercise by pedaling pedal. In addition to create a strong healthy, carry out this exercise for the mood is also happy because while looking at the natural beauty around.

Giant membanderol bike with varied, so you can easily take what fits the budget. Each type has held a qualified performance at each level to conquer the streets with ease. That way his lover will feel a lot of satisfaction after trying to menggowesnya with racing to find your ability with him. If you are still confused to take the right one then take the step for the statement from the lover who has tasted it so well to increase your knowledge. So will increasingly recognize which bike you will take to serve your day activities more fun. This brand has been presenting a range of variants which in the history of its establishment is by the technicians and crafsmen who make each each to be designed with calculated in order to create a work that is good, maximal, and luxurious in appearance.

They also have believed that cycling activities should be exhilarating and can be felt by every circle. That is what underlies the manufacturer so that can continue to launch each unit with a price that varies for all circles. In its development also has grasped many variants which live in the grab where the unit is suitable for each consumer. Such as Road Bicycle designed for training on track as well as for those who like to boost adrenaline by driving it to the limit. Furthermore, Mountain Bike adapula which has been well designed to crush out without the constraints of even tough mountain terrain. There are also Comfort bikes produced for those of you who love to gowes to work or in regular roads. In addition there are many more other variants that would be a friend everyday you do activities take anywhere wherever or just in use for sports that nourish the body without bored.

Daftar Harga Sepeda Giant Murah Terbaru Lengkap 2018

Well here we hold also for those of you who want to grab information that come into contact with the price price in the love of Giant. That way you too can have a shadow associated with it, because what we will love it certainly will not juah different when you go to the store around you. So that can be used referensinya to hold a fitting budget for which type desired.

Best Touring Bike for adventures

Bicycle Type:

  • Gravity

Mountain bike (MTB) designed to sport downhill (downhill) at high speed.

  • Trail

Mountain bike (MTB) used to explore offroad terrain especially steep and rocky. There are two variants that is with the middle suspension and without the middle suspension.

  • Enduro

Mountain bike (MTB) designed to explore extreme offroad terrain in the mountains or outside the city.

  • XC Race

Mountain bike (MTB) designed specifically for the crosscountry field with lightweight frame and high speed driving. Available in two variants that is with the middle suspension and without the middle suspension

  • XC Sport

Mountain bike (MTB) designed to follow the XC race with a more affordable price and remain tough to explore cross-country terrain.

  • Leisure

Mountain bike (MTB) is designed with a more upright sitting position for the convenience of driving. This bike can be used multifunction both in offroad and urban.

  • Women

Mountain bikes (MTB) designed specifically for female riders with many advantages to make it easier for women, such as a closer steering range, a design that makes bike rides easier, and controls safe for women.

  • Race

a race bike (road race) that is designed specifically for high performance at the speed of the competition. Sturdy, light and responsive to speed lovers.

  • Endurance

a specially designed road race with a more upright sitting position to increase comfort while traveling further in touring or training endurance.

  • Flatbar

a specially designed road race with a straight handlebar for a more upright driving position to provide a more comfortable ride experience.

  • Hybrid

a special bike designed with mountain bike frame geometry (MTB) but with 700C wheels like on a road race. This bike offers a new experience driving in the city with the comfort and speed that suits the terrain.

  • Speed Utility bike (SUB)

Bike for urban style and minimal maintenance. Equipped with belt as a replacement chain and internal gear will reduce noise while driving and of course maintenance free.

  • City

The most widely used bikes in urban or residential. With accessories such as baskets, lights, and rear carrier, Sierra citybike type bikes are an excellent choice especially for short range commuting and daily activities. There is also a stylish Zenith series with 700C tires, Belt drives instead of chains.

  • Tandem

Unique bike specially designed for two riders at once. It is suitable for cycling in the recreational park or around the housing with your beloved partner or family.

  • Folding

a practical and innovative folding bike for the high-powered ones. Can be folded and stored in a limited space so that your bike experience becomes infinite any place.

  • Dirt Jump

a bike that is specially designed to perform high jump attractions. Equipped with a sturdy frame to dampen the impact when the bike re-touch the ground.

  • Freestyle

BMX bike specially designed to perform attractions on flat terrain around the house, street or bike park. Equipped with sturdy frame and fork and double wall 20 “rim for any challenge.

  • BMX Race

BMX bike specially designed for race! With lightweight ALX material will take you to the podium in every race.

  • Road (Youth bikes)

a road race specifically designed for junior racers with lightweight ALX frames and 24 wheels and a suitable control room design for high-speed control stability.

MTB (Youth bikes): mountain bike specially designed for junior rider. Available in 24 “and 20” sizes according to the child’s height.

  • Kids

a beginner bike for children aged 5-6 years to start loving bicycles.