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Mountain High – It is not difficult to find a Mountain Bike in Indonesia’s market share is not only caused by so in the excitement is also not counted the total released by each brand for this type. You are also just transporting the right thing. Pedaling is among the sports that is very popular by the public at this time to adults. Until the existence of such a thing is easy to find people who make a club that realizes his favorite, especially his liking the same. But a series of activities that are so famous is cycling to overcome the steep tracks in the hills.

If such a lot of people do in this day and age, certainly to transport any unit must be really smart and meticulous, especially for the type that holds the ability and resilience to be able to subdue the whole area and can withstand a series of impact, because when the track is a mountain track, then certainly not a few who grabbed a series of problems that tangible tracks steep rocky. Not a little must be able to master the climb and also derivative, it is a must for each user who has this hobby to ride a bike that is guaranteed performance and endurance. Currently not a few brands that can be taken to be able to accompany the moment of cycling, from the cheap tag of love to the more than that.

One of the bike brands that have been known by the people of Indonesia that Pacific also has more than one variant of mountain bike for the offer to the buyer. Pacific mountain bikes are known to have a quality product that is satisfactory but with a very affordable price tag. You can buy this Pacific bike directly to its official store or it can also be on-line which is now also more popular. Competition for the bike industry in Indonesia is currently growing rapidly and Pacific is always trying to make it the best pleasure by bringing a variety of new innovations to be desired to make buyers do not run to different products, the cause of Pacific is not just bringing new products that quality but also have an affordable price.

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But, there is something that should be given attention when about to transport this type of mountain, is not fixated on banderol cheap but not guaranteed quality because it will be related to the safety of driving, but it is even better if it can carry a cheap also in a matter of the quality is so high especially been tested on a row of streets. There are a number of brands that release this type that has been trusted and holds the ability durable and quality so good as from brand polygon, united, pacifik, scott, and others. of each type that is launched it holds advantages and advantages especially in spare parts of that type, which is an important piece that must be viewed for every wearer, because it is the body of each unit, as we recognize that this body frame is the material of robustness of this vehicle.

In addition to recognizing it is important also to see the price is also not less important that must be seen because often the price is more there are changes every time, not just for this type only but it also often appears on the price of other types. That way it is a must to keep updated on the price list. Well, then we will be suguhkan for you to refer so that can continue to be referred.

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  • Know the Type of Mountain Bike

There are several types of mountain bikes that you need to recognize before buying, namely the type of downhill (DH), Freeride (FR), Dirtjump (DJ), Cross Country (XC) and All Mountain (AM). Selection of bike type you should adjust to the type of activity and madan character that will you take.

  • Purchase Custom Model or Full Bike

Both of these factors are usually the first step in purchasing mountain bikes, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. With the purchase of custom models, you can specify the components of your bike, such as frame model, crank type, fork type and shifter brand. Your understanding of bike details is necessary here. For beginners who will use this purchase model, it is advisable to require a companion partner who is more advanced (level-level) of mountain bike detail, so that the selection of components can be appropriate and comfortable to use. Conversely with the purchase of the model Full Bike, beginners are not too troubled by the component items. Each brand usually has set up a bike that has been customized (mix and match) according to factory standards, such as brands Giant, Specialized, KHS or Polygon. Thus the price is also stratified ranging from low-end to high-end, with a range of prices ranging from about 1.5 million s / d tens of millions of rupiah, depending on the customization of the components of the mountain bike. Here you need a little jelly, observing the details of its components, especially on shifter, breaker and crank. Do not hesitate to try to drive it (test-drive) before buying to make sure the combination of these components has been comfortable and in keeping with you.

  • Second-Hand Purchase

Not only cars or motorcycles, mountain bikes can be purchased through second hand (second-hand). Indeed obtaining second-hand mountain bikes is not as easy as second-hand cars / motorcycles. The key of this model is the broad and patient network. Use your community network to get that information. Because usually the publication of second hand mountain bike sales based on mouth-to-mouth chat. You need to be patient in hunting second-hand mountain bikes, considering not every day people sell mountain bikes. The middle way that is often taken is to buy components for components that are sold second-hand separately, for then you unite and you raft into a unit of bicycle. Some components of mountain bikes such as frames, cranks and even full bike types of second hand are also often offered through the internet, both from the show room in the country and abroad. Purchasing this model is perfect for you on a limited budget.

  • Benchmark Price

Once you are sure of the type of mountain bike you are after, do not rush to buy. Try a little searching for comparator prices either through some stores in your city or browsing through the internet.

  • Join the Bicycle Community Forum

To better understand the ins and outs of mountain bikes, there is no harm in joining one of the bike community in your neighborhood, can be in the work environment, campus environment or online community forums on the internet. In the forum, you can listen, ask questions and ask advice and considerations about the ins and outs of bicycles based on their hands-on experience, which you can make the basis of purchasing a bicycle