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Children Bicycle – Folding bikes are known as bicycles for urban use. But that opinion is not entirely true. Folding bikes or often called ‘seli’ can also be used for long journeys or touring that has been popularly performed by many overseas fans. But of course bike spek must be qualified, ranging from stability to folding system has. Do not be fooled, although folding bikes have small wheels but if designed properly, will be able to drive well. The 20 “wheel has a world speed record for this type of bike with an upright stand, but there are some things to know and prepare before touring with Seli.

Folding Bicycle For Touring. There are 7 things that must be considered someone in the bike that will be used for touring, namely: First, Stability (stability in driving). Good suspension system (arrangement of components) owned by a folding bike can control the bike with a stable, especially when driving in a street position that dipped down. The bike should be shaped like a regular “regular bike”, has the same arrangement and angle so you will not feel the difference between a small wheeled bike with a large wheeled bike, which you usually ride.

Second, Comfort (Comfortable). To drive in long distances using a folding bike, you really need comfort. Choose a folding bike that offers good comfort and durability while driving even at high speed. By having a good suspension, the bike can absorb shocks and vibrations that occur due to the surface of the road is not perfect so as to give comfort to drive. Notice the height of the saddle, the saddle material and the size and strength of the frame. Similarly, the locking system, choose a strong frame construction and rigid. It is also important to pay attention to the connection of existing welds on the frame or body of the bike, choose a neat and look perfect. Because not a few of consumers are disappointed because after being used for cycling, the product he bought was not comfortable driving.

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Third, Space / Load. Bicycles for long-distance purposes, the need for shelving is absolute. Some people use backpacks, but this is not recommended. Giving the burden on the back in the long term vulnerable to injury. The load on the back also makes the movement of paddling to be disturbed, especially to maneuver. Choose a bike that has a good rack design, which can be adjusted and folded in such a way and for balance, better if the rack mounted in front and rear. In choosing a shelf consider whether the brake you are using is disc type or not. For the front shelf in Indonesia rarely encountered so must be modified. Do not forget to buy pannier to carry things during bicycle touring activities. Install the pannier on the left and right and the waterproof bag on it. If you still need a compartment can be considered pannier mounted on the handlebars. It’s just that the carrying capacity is limited and can not withstand too heavy loads.

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  • Gears

The combination of teeth is very influential on the effectiveness of pedalis in pedaling bike. It also affects the durability of the life of bicycle components. Because, if the combination is not fit and used in the long term then the components will be damaged before its time. The combination of teeth is what makes the bike can conquer a variety of land contours. For long distances, whenever possible, select a bike that uses a minimum of 8 speed. But folding bike with 8 speed congenital mimiliki price is rather expensive, as an alternative, choose a folding bike that uses 6 speed rear and 2 speed front (dual chainrings) to get a more affordable price.

  • Wheels

The average folding bikes have 16 and 20 inch wheels, smaller than conventional bikes. The smaller the size of the tire, the more compact when folded and agile used in the narrow field. The larger the tire size, the more stable and comfortable used for long trips, but the size when folded is also getting bigger. The 16 inch wheels are ideal for carrying and carrying in public transport because it is more practical and quick to fold. However, this bike is less comfortable for motorists who have high posture and travel with a distance is far, so the wheel size 16 “most suitable and comfortable for those who live in densely populated cities. While the folding bike that has a 20-inch tire offers comfort and better performance and still remain easily folded. The tire size of 20 “is the balance of a folding bike, which means it’s compact compared to ordinary bikes but still comfortable, which is perfect for biking all day long for those concerned with performance rather than portability.

  • Weight

Bicycle weight or weight is a major factor in bicycle touring activities. Despite having a good suspension system, it has wheels and gears that support, but the recommended bicycle weight is only 9.5Kg or 19lbs. Seventh, The Fold. For long distance travel, the size of the bike when folded is an important factor. With a bike size of 54cm (height) x 21cm (width) x 73cm (long), it only takes a few minutes to fold it and the size is equivalent to the size of a normal suitcase. Choose a bike that offers a more compact, strong yet easy-to-open folding locking system that is easier to carry and (on some types) in folded condition can still be pulled or pushed (no need to be picked up to carry it). Choose which operations are uncomplicated as well as concise (not a lot of places) so there will be no more fines on the plane for carrying “sport bikes”. The size of the bike is included in the normal baggage size category and of course you can take it to buses, taxis, cars, trains and subways.

Those are some simple tips that you can consider in choosing a folding bike for touring. In addition, do not forget to adjust to the budget. It is hoped this brief review can help you in choosing a folding bike to support your bicycle touring. Hopefully this article useful. Happy Riding.